Sunday, August 28, 2011


This was a very odd week. I had to back off on my Saturday's race because I was feeling exhausted. I hope to recover soon. To make things worse my long run was a disaster. I added some heavy lifting to my training with a couple bike rides to finish killing my legs.

Day off.

Easy run on the Bahia trail. I ran hard the short inclines and easy on the flat and downhill. Hot day. Total run time: 37 minutes and 24 seconds.

Easy run on the Oakwood Valley trail. Three times the OVT loop. I started slow and gradually increased the pace. Total run time: 31 minutes and 41seconds.

Day off.

Easy run from home to the bike path. I did some easy strides and headed back home. Total run time: 35 minutes and 51 seconds.

No race. I decided to do a long run. My legs were feeling good. Why not punish them a little? The route was from home through the bike path to the next tourist town, up to headlands and back to the bike path to complete the loop. Very busy Saturday afternoon. Too many people from all over the world walking around downtown. Somehow I started to think this was not a good idea. I managed to move fast and get away from the crowd. My goal was to run this long steep hill, mostly used by cyclists and tourists. I was going almost all out up this hill. It was about 1.5 miles long. The weather was cool when I left home and after half hour it started to change to a cold breeze. After the long hill I had to cross this tunnel to reach the headlands. It was quite dark, wet and cold. The tunnel is used mainly by cars and cyclists. After the tunnel there was a long downhill where my troubles started. I did not plan this run very well by not bringing any food or drink with me. To make things worse I could not find the entrance to the Miwok Trail. So I spent about half hour running on this paved road. My body was getting cold and there was nobody to ask for directions. Only a few cars driving by. When I finally found the trail's entrance, I was very low on calories and very cold.
To make things worse I had a long climb up Bobcat trail. I tried to stay focused and just move my legs. It was survival mode. I reached the top of the Bobcat trail and then I took Alta trail going downhill to the Oakwood Valley trail. Lucky  I found some blackberries to eat on my way down. From the Oakwood gate to the bike path was a struggle. I got some water to drink before I got off the bike path. In eight minutes I was back home. Total run time: 2 hours and 33 minutes. Short bike ride in the morning and weights in the afternoon. I'm having problems to edit these posts. I keep getting some errors messages.
Easy run on the bike path. I did some pull ups after I finished my run including one hand pull ups and the standard pull ups. Total run time: 34 minutes and 48 seconds.

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