Sunday, July 3, 2011


I am starting my summer season with some easy mileage. It won't consist of lots miles, but just simple aerobic runs to keep my endurance and create the foundation for the speed workouts later on.

After six days off I decided to go for a little run. Well, not so fast. It was a long run. For some strange reason  I felt like going for a two hours run. I left home around 7:30AM in direction to the bike path. My legs were feeling light. The weather was cool and windy. I made right on the bike path, stayed on for a few minutes, and made right again in direction to the Ten Beach. I hit the Oakwood Valley Trail in 22:15 and made left by gate. It started with a gently incline that after five minutes became a nice climb with some sets of steps. When I reached the top I could see the ocean far away. Some great views from the top. I immediately made right and kept climbing. On the very top there is an intersection of about four different trails. I took the trail on the right that started with a short downhill followed by two short uphill sections. After that there was another intersection: two options going down back to the parking lot. My choice was take the left trail going uphill for a few minutes followed by a steep downhill that takes me to the Old Springs trail to the right. Now it was all downhill to the parking lot. So far I was feeling good. When I reached the parking lot I made left, passed through the gate and ran on direction to the beach. It was nice to see these four deers coming down this steep hill on direction to the sand. They turned around when they saw me and started climbing this 45 degrees slope. I turned around by the Ten Beach and started heading back at 1 hour and 15 minutes. The way back things were going well. I passed the parking lot, ran down to the Oakwood Valley trail and did the loop. But after I ran the Oakwood Valley trail loop I started to feel a little tired. My feet was aching for some strange reason. My feeling good mood changed to a survival mood. I barely made back home feeling very tired by the end. I felt a pain in the middle of the outside of  my right foot. I have never felt this kind of pain before.Total run time: 2 hours and 7 minutes.

Hard long day at work. I started my run by 5:45PM. I ran from home in direction to the bike path. I ran the bike path out and back and headed back home. I started feeling some nasty pain on my left shin. My right foot still sore by the middle on the outside. Total run time: 51 minutes and 17 seconds.

Day Off. Rainy day. Very tired. My left foot was causing some nasty pain.

Good run on the bike path. I ran after work. The weather was a little warm. I had to control my pace. It almost became a tempo run. Total run time: 34 minutes and 19 seconds or over five miles.

Easy run. I felt very tired. It might have something to do with lifting weights before my run. Not a good thing. If you gonna run and lift weights, better do it after your run. Total run time: 32 minutes and 49 seconds.

Friday- 7/1/11
This afternoon I decided to do a short run on the soccer field. The grass surface is softer than the trail and pavement surfaces. I had to avoid the holes. Very unpredictable when you can not see where you foot is going to land. But no accidents and the run went well. I ran 16 times the 2 minutes loop. It went like this:2:07; 2:03; 1:59; 2:00; 1:59; 1:52; 1:51; 1:52; 1:50; 1:50; 1:51; 1:50; 1:50; 1:49; 1:49; 1:49. All laps in  30:24. I added a few more minutes doing some strides across the field. Very hot day.

I waited until 6:30PM to go for my daily run. New shoes, red ones, the Inov X TalOn 190 minimalist shoes. Running on this extremely light and comfortable shoes made things easy. I mixed pavement and trails to test them. Similar route to last Sunday's run without the long grueling climb. My legs felt good with my calves a little sore this morning. The weather was very warm yesterday. It was over 100F. Back to the shoes. What a great pair of shoes! Light weight and very comfortable. It fits perfectly and it is very responsive on the pavement or on the trails. All terrain shoes. I would even do my speed sessions on this shoes. Total run time: 1 hour, 58 minutes and 45 seconds with a negative split. You can read a review about the Inov X Talon 190 here.

Easy run with some pickups. Almost a tempo run, slowed because of the heat. Three laps around the soccer fields near to the bike path. Total run time: 30 plus minutes. I did some pull ups to strength the upper body.

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