Friday, July 15, 2011


I had a very good week. After a couple days off I was able to  ran seven times out of seven days. In a period of three weeks I ran four "almost long runs" (2:07; 1:58; 1:46; 1:52), a short fartlek, and a short tempo run. I had three days off in a period of 21 days. My only concern is my lack of two - one hour runs per week.  My next race is in two weeks. Hope to be ready by then.

Easy run with some moderate pace hilly repetitions. I created a circuit around the soccer fields for the warm up and cool down. For the moderated pace hill reps I created a short circuit that include a 46-48 seconds hill followed by 1minute and 10seconds downhill including a set of steps and a short flat section where I would turn around. After the turnaround I would run up the same set of steps in around 20 seconds. Then I would ran down the first hill followed by a short flat section, turn around and repeat the circuit for four times. Total run time: 41 minutes and 7 seconds.

After I finished my run I felt something poking on my shoes. I stopped to check my shoes and I found a piece of gravel attached to my left shoes. It cut through my shoes creating a nice hole. Well, at least it did not cut my foot.

Easy run on the bike path after work. I was feeling a little tired. Very windy. It is always hard to run against the wind. Total run time: 39 minutes and 30 seconds.

Another easy run. I ran right after work, three times the Oakwood Valley Trail and added a few more  minutes on the pavement. My legs were tired . Total run Time; 43 minutes and 4 seconds.

After my run I drove to a job site where a house was going through a foreclosure process. This nice one million dollar house looked abandoned and a few dozen of swallows decided to build their nests right above the front door and windows. When I started to inspect the property I found five swallow chicks that fell off the nest as two dead chicks. I called the humane society and they stopped by to pick up the birds. By inspecting again the grounds I found another chick hiding in the middle of lawn.  I believe due to the wind one or two of nests collapsed and the chicks ended up on the ground. Hard to survive in such adverse conditions: wind with predators all over the place. The birds should be ready to fledge in fifteen days. One of the chicks did not look good, like  it had a broken neck or something. I hope they recover and be ready to joy the flight back home.

Good run after work. I was almost taking a day off. Somehow I found energy to go for a run. I started from home to bike path with a nine minutes warm up. Then I did a little tempo run. It was windy. First section in 8:33, then the turnaround and second section in 8:49 against the wind. The third section was approximately one mile long in 5:15. The total  tempo time was 22:37.  Hard to say how long it was.  I would guess it was 3.80 miles. I was planning to  run the entire bike path route out and back but my stomach was not feeling good. So I had to stop by the third section, turn around and ran easy the last section and head back home. Total run time: 44 minutes and 40 seconds.

I ran later in the day after work. An easy short run. My legs felt good. I did a few laps around a couple soccer fields mainly on the grass. Total run time: 39 minutes and 27 seconds.

It was a very cool day for this time of the year. I left home for my run after 5PM, unusual time of the day for an almost long run. I was aiming to run a hilly route. Right out of my front door there is a 15 minutes long climb with an elevation change of 900 ft. Not bad for a start. It is followed by a long steep downhill that takes me to a very touristic spot. I am not a big fan of tourists so I made left by the parking lot staying on the highway for a few minutes until I made a left turn into the woods again for another long climb. After one hour I was by the ocean in another touristic spot, but at this time it was a little too late for tourists. I just kept running on the this flat section that takes me back to my familiar bike path and from there back home. The weather was so foggy near the coast that my vision was limited to no more than 50 yards ahead. Nobody out there. The only live beings that I saw out there were the rabbits and birds.  Total run time: 1 hour and 52 minutes.

I ran an easy short run this afternoon. My legs were feeling really good. It was hard to stay off the bike, specially in the weekends. I did a short bike ride followed by my daily run. Three times a loop around the soccer fields of approximately 1.3 miles,  followed by a few strides up this incline. Mostly ran on the grass surface. Total run time: 33 minutes and 27 seconds.

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