Sunday, June 12, 2011


This was a hard week. I did not have any legs to do my runs.  My work week included moving five yards of soil and five yards of gravel, lots shoveling and carrying  heavy loads. I was even surprised that I was able to run five days out of seven. Next Sunday I will race again. My last race for the spring season. It is a hilly nine miles race, cross-country style. So far my worse race of this season was the ten miles race five weeks ago. The half-marathon race was not so bad even that I had to deal with the same problem I had during the ten miles race. I will try to do my best.

Easy run on the bike path. Very tired. Total run time: 36 minutes and 52 seconds.

Easy run from home to the bike  path and back. I am feeling better. Heavy working load this week. Total run time: 53 minutes and 40 seconds.

Day off. Hard day at work.

Easy run on the bike path. I added some nice hills. Total run time: 45 minutes.

Day off. Very tired. I moved five yards of soil. And yesterday I moved five yards of gravel.

Easy run on the bike path. Total run time: 47 minutes.

Another easy run on the bike path. Total run time: aprox. 55 minutes.

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