Saturday, June 4, 2011


I can't predict this weather anymore. I left home this morning under heavy rain for my short run. It is one of these runs that you don't really know how you will be feeling. Especially after a few days off. Usually you feel light and fast, other times things don't look so good. I was even afraid to run under this heavy rain because injuries like piriformis can become worse with the cold and wet weather. Well, I felt good and my legs answered well.  The area around my hip is a little sore. The good news is that my hamstring and my piriformis did not get worse. I was running relatively pain free. Tomorrow it will be another story because this half marathon is hilly and it is suppose to rain. Total run time: 25 minutes with a few easy strides.

Day off. It started raining again.

Easy run on the bike path. I am just trying to maintain my aerobic base. I can't do any serious speed session at moment. Anyway it is a little too late to have any major improvements. I just have to wait and see how things will turn out. Total run time: 32 minutes.

After two days off I decided it was time to test my legs again. I have been treating my injuries with lots stretch, ice and some massage. So far I have been successful to keep things under control. It doesn't mean that my hamstring is not tight anymore or my piriformis is completed healed. But I feel like I can run on Sunday.
After a light rain this morning, the skies cleared and the sun was back. I hit the pavement around 3PM not expecting to go very far. I started as usual from my front door, ran left down the street and then I passed a few blocks until I hit this nice long steep hill that takes me right behind the local  high school. I ran easy uphill. My hamstring was behaving well. After the climb comes a steep downhill that ends by the local high school track. No problems going downhill. I crossed the main road and hit the bike path going right. My piriformis did not show any signs of injuries. I kept things easy and ran to the end of the bike path, always trying to avoid the pavement. I turned around by the bike shop at end of the bike path and headed back. I passed the starting point and ran all the way to the other end of the bike path. My legs were feeling good. I turned around by the traffic light and head back to the starting point where I exited and headed back home through the main road. I avoided going up the initial hill. I stayed on the flat and made back home safe and without major aches.Total run time: 54 minutes.

Day off.

Day off.

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