Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm a Runner


A13 said...

Very funny and weird at the same time..
I bet you are like this hey???
Hi HBM..Hope you are well and how's the running going?
Do you have a race this weekend?
Friday night here and i'm having some red wine..that's not good for running..and even walking after about 3 glasses ;)
Have a good weekend
Cheers and regards A13

Honk Bonk Man said...

Actually red wine is good for running. It contains antioxidants. Yesterday I got a bottle of Australian red wine. I think it was Carlos Lopez, the Portugueses marathoner that used to drink a bottle of wine a day. Runners do like beer, specially during the summer time. I don't drink that much at all. Not sure if I like that animation. It is a little too superficial. I am having the usual aches and pains. They come and go. I also do some cycling and lift some weights. I like to do some heavy labor work sometimes. This week I had to move five yards of soil and five yards of mulch with lots walking in between. Have a great weekend! It is Fourth July weekend here.

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