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Chinese Communism and Chinese Jews - Final

Thus the Jews increase the Israelite population in a country by promoting mixed marriages between Jewesses and natives of the country they attempt to conquer. According to the Jewish laws, the principle is that mixed marriages of Jews and Gentiles are forbidden; but these laws prescribe certain exceptions, by which mixed marriages may be authorized by the Great Kahal or Regional Supreme Council, to obtain political positions, important espionage positions, or positions of economic or social influence. Such exceptions include the many instances in which Jewesses have married kings, nobles, presidents of republics and other high Gentile leaders, or married owners of great enterprises, newspapers and other institutions Judaism wants to control. In general the marriage of Israelite women to Gentile men are authorized because the millenary Jewish law "Hagada" indicates that Judaism can only be transmitted to children of a mixed marriage through the mother, that is to say, when the mother is a Jewess. But this orthodox "Hagada" law has been over ruled by many Israelite communities, the reformists among others, who also accept as Jews the children of Jewish father and a Gentile mother. The fact that this has caused a controversy between the innovators and the more Orthodox Jewish sects does not invalidate the fact that Jewish communities which accept the children of Jewish father and Gentile mother are still loyal Israelites, and consider the children as Israelites, introducing them, when they are 13 years old, in the secret organizations of totalitarian commands of the synagogal Fraternities, which exist among the Israelite communities of the different countries of the world for the mixed Jews of "stained" blood, and which are led and controlled by those recognized to be of pure blood (even though this recognition does not always correspond to a strict reality). In this way, the descendants of mixed marriages between Jews and Gentiles are effectively organized and controlled by Israelite imperialism and are totally at its service.

 It must be stressed that when the Kahal or Regional Jewish Council authorizes a mixed marriage of a Jew or Jewess to a Gentile, they make the individual swear under severe penalties that he or she will do everything possible to have the children introduced at the age of 13 or later, to the community of Israel, in a secret way so that the Gentile husband or wife will be unaware of the introduction. If the Jewish father or mother disregard this oath, in addition to the penalties applied to them, the local and regional Kahal seek the aid of other Jewish relatives, to ensure that the children of those mixed marriages may be prepared and introduced into Judaism and render the oath of obedience to the leaders and of secrecy, in an occult ceremony with impressive rites.

The nazis, dealing with the Jewish problem, mainly as a racial problem, committed a serious mistake when they considered as Germans the descendants of three German grand-parents and only one Jewish grand-father. It is evident that from a superficial racial point of view, such children were predominantly German, but the Jewish problem is not only racial but something much more complex, as the reader may have attested; in fact, as the Tribunal of the Holy Inquisition said, it was enough to have only one Jewish grand-mother, or even only a Jewish great-grand-mother, or even only one great-great-grandmother, for the descendant could be admitted to the Jewish secret societies. And all this because of the reasons we have just mentioned. This is why the laws that ruled Inquisitorial Europe and later Spain and Portugal were justified; they considered as "new christians" and therefore as suspects of Judaism, anyone who two or more centuries back had only one Jewish antecessor, and excluded such people from positions in the government, in the army and the church, even when there were not enough evidence (which was difficult to obtain) that they practiced Judaism in secret. This legislation lasted until the Inquisitorial regime was suppressed.

In China, as in other countries, communities of Ashkenazim, Sephardic, Arab, Indian, Russian, German and Roumanian and other Jews have authorized, since their arrival in China, mixed marriages with Gentile Chinese; children with partially Chinese features came from these marriages, who after getting married with other Gentile persons of the country, had children with more Chinese than Jewish appearance. Later, mixed marriages have increased the number of fifth columnist Israelites, whose racial appearance is Chinese but who in secret are members of the nation of Israel, increasing in this way the clandestine Israelite fifth column. Although we believe that the Chinese population resulting from these mixed marriages may still be small, it would be an important investigation to calculate the number of clandestine Jews in China.


Jewish secret societies, called Synagogal Fraternities, get together at least once a week, on Friday evenings, but in emergency on any other day, to solemnly read and comment a part of the Torah, the five first books of the Bible, and the Bible books of the Prophets, where according the Jewish belief, are the promises God made to Israelites to dominate nations where they settle and the world in general. Following this ceremonial reading and commentary, the members of the secret Fraternity inform the Assembly what they have done to dominate the political, military, economic, social, religious sectors, etc. whose control has been entrusted to the Fraternity by the Local Supreme Jewish Council. They also plan ways in which they can take over leading positions, and intrigue and manoeuvre to eliminate the Gentiles in such positions. 

During the Inquisition and the period of Nazi persecution, members of the Jewish clandestine Fraternities infiltrated into those regimes, taking skillful steps to prevent their meetings and operations from being discovered, Judaism has centenary experience in this. This photo shows that Judaism is active in China for its task of conquest.  

Photo taken from the Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia. Cited edition. 3rd. volume. Word: China, page 325, first column.

What 1 have said before about the clandestine Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou Jews is also valid for Manchuria; but regarding this vast Chinese region we will give some additional information regarding public Jews — the Jews who openly admit their identity.

The Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia makes the following statement among others: "The building of the Trans-siberian Railroad brought (to Manchuria) a certain amount of Jewish traders that founded a Jewish community in Jarbin". That after the Bolshevik revolution, many Jews from the Soviet Union emigrated to Manchuria, and were antagonized by the White Russians, who committed several murders. That these new Israelite emigrants "were not delayed to incorporate themselves to the economy of the country as employees, merchants and industrialists" . . .That the Japanese hostility to Jewish businesses when they occupied Manchuria in 1931, forced the Jews to emigrate to Southern China and other countries. The Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia also adds that in 1931 there were SEVERAL SYNAGOGUES in Jarbin, Mukden and Dairen as well as community philanthropic, cultural, pedagogical and Zionist institutions, etc.

The Japanese did not know the secrets of Judaism, and they tried to eradicate it using wrong methods, similar to those used during almost two thousand years by other nations in the world. In 1942 they closed all Synagogues (20) but they did not know that any time Gentile governments, through the centuries, have used this resource, it has only served to force Israelites to turn from public Jews, identified as such, to clandestine Jews that hide their adherence to the nation of Israel, apparently becoming assimilated among the people in whose land they live; thus being more dangerous. In this way, due to the Japanese mistake, public Judaism in Manchuria massively sunk into clandestinity, except those who emigrated with their enterprises to the south of China and other places.

(20) Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia. Cited edition. 7th volume, Word: Manchuria. Page 260 1st. column.

The fact that in some countries in Europe, and specially in America, there are Jews leading the Maoist organizations, has made some people wrongly believe that Maoist communism is also controlled by the Jewish imperialism. However, what is really happening is that world Judaism — imitating Karl Marx's tactic of annulling Bakunin's international by infiltrating and controlling it with Israelite agents — tries to do the same with the international communist movement that Mao Tse-tung has been creating. These public or clandestine Jews who pretend to be enemies of the Soviet Union and its satellite communist parties, infiltrate and obtain leading positions in Maoist organizations of different countries; little by little they obtain control over many of those organizations or parties often following a genuine struggle against the puppet Moscow parties. But Judaism, as always, will win this game if it succeeds in taking over Maoist parties and organizations throughout the world, just as it won when it succeeded in infiltrating the international movement of the Gentile revolutionary, Michael Bakunin.


Jews in China use very elaborate chairs to read the Torah in the respective sabbatical ceremony. However, clandestine Judaism, especially in times of danger, avoids using such furniture in their secret ceremonies and meetings, to prevent any Gentiles who might discover the meeting from realizing what is going on. Clandestine Jews have centuries of experience at hiding their secret meetings, and have everything ready to camouflage their meetings to make them appear to be innocent meetings if a Gentile intruder discovers them. In times of the Inquisition, clandestine Jews sometimes used catholic clergymen, who were secret Jews, to arrange for their secret weekly meetings to be held in the curacy of the church or in some other room of the catholic church, under the patronage of these clergymen. In this way if any Gentile discovered the meeting, the clergyman told him that the meeting was composed of faithful catholics of the Parish. In other cases they arranged for secret Jews who had infiltrated into the guilds of artisans to obtain the use of a room in the guild. If the meeting was discovered by somebody, the clandestine Jewish leader of the guild would declare that the meeting was being held to discuss some matter of interest to the guild. Similar secret meetings were arranged on the premises of other reputable Gentile organizations.

Photo taken from the Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia. Cited edition, 3rd. Volume. Word: China. Page 325 first column

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