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Chinese Communism and Chinese Jews - Part III

Besides the millenary Chinese Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou Jews — both the clandestine ones spread throughout China and those of Kai-Fung-Foo who openly practiced Judaism and who also emigrated, as the already mentioned Jewish book says, to different regions of China — this great nation received other Israelite immigrations which we will mention only briefly because of the limitation of space.

Chavennes, the Orientalist, talks about another Jewish colony established in China between 960 and 1126, composed by Jews that came from India. The Israelite historian, Elkan Nathan Adler, also mentions another Jewish penetration into China, coming from Bokhara through Persia in the XVI Century (17). The first immigrants, according to the Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia "settled down in several Chinese regions."

Since 1840 China has experienced further migrations of Jews from different countries, mainly European. According to the Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia the opening of the so-called "Ports of the Treaty" in 1840, brought a number of English Jews to China from Hong Kong and India. In 1850, Elias David Sassoon, a rich Jewish trader settled in Bombay, India, established a branch of his firm in Shanghai. Born in Baghdad, his father had been Treasurer and banker to the Turkish Governor in that city. Referring to Elias David Sassoon, the Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia says that "he specialized in the trade of opium, among other things" and that when he established his branch in Shanghai, he was followed by the Kadoorie, great Jewish capitalists in Baghdad, and their big enterprises — the Sassoons and Kadoorie's — built a synagogue in Shanghai, founding a new Israelite community which until 1905, was mainly Sephardic. So this new Jewish community had the honor of being founded by the enterprise of a great international Jewish opium dealer, whose son, as millionary as him, used the Moslem name of Abdula when in Baghdad, and used the Christian name of Albert while in London. His Jewish name, the good one always, was David. About this great international capitalist, the Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia says: "Sassoon Albert (Abdula, David) industrialist, banker and philanthropist. Born in Baghdad in 1817, died in Brighton, England, in 1897. Eldest son of David Sassoon and head of commercial and industrial enterprises of the family. He founded one of the biggest textile factories in Bombay, India, donated a great modern dam to the city and established several schools. Member of the Legislative Council from 1867 to 1871 and one of the most outstanding people in the society of Bombay. He frequented the Kings of England and his audience with the Persian Shah in 1889 was one of the events of the English capital. He was ennobled in 1872." The Jews frequently received titles of nobility in England, especially since the long reign of Queen Victory, to such an extent that investigators have shown that most of the titles of Earl, Marquis, Viscount and Lord are presently in the hands of Jewish ennobled families or of ancient aristocratic English families linked with Jewish families. Dukedoms have been Judaized by means of marriages of Jewesses and ancient Dukes, and those Jewesses, with the help of the powerful Israelite communities, have secretly initiated in Judaism the eldest son of that marriage, this is to say, the new Duke. It is not strange, then, that the international Judaism is not in a hurry to overthrow the English monarchy, which is controlled by the Israelite imperialism.

17) Chavennes and Elkan N. Adler, quoted by the Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia, cited edition, 3rd. volume. Word: China.  Page 325, 2nd. column.

The Russian-Japanese war and the persecutions it originated against the Jews, the failed communist revolt in Russia in 1905, that the Imperial Russian government justly imputed to the Israelites, brought as a consequence the arrival in China of fugitive Russian Jews. In 1917 Russian Jews who arrived to Jarbin and Mukden in Manchuria were antagonized by White Russians who accused the Russian Jews in the country of being originators of the Red Terror in Russia. When the Japanese invasion of China in 1931, many Russian Jews living in China, who were fleeing from the Japanese (who accused them of being communists), were forced to move to Tientsin, Hankow and Shanghai, where they were reinforced by new immigrations of Polish and Roumanian Jews. In 1928 an Israelite community of Ashkenazim Jews joined with the Sephardic community, under the auspices of the lodge, recently formed in Shanghai, of the secret order of world Jewish Masonry called B'nai B'rith, which was in this way starting to extend its tentacles into China. It must be remembered that the self-government enjoyed by the Israelite communities throughout the world, and the ambitions of its leaders to command economic and political power, sometimes provoke deep rivalries between different Jewish communities; some of these remain the secret of the Jews, but others spread scandalously outside. One of the secret goals for which the Jewish Super-Masonry, the B'nai B'rith, was created, was to conciliate rivalries and disagreements and promote harmony and reunification, as it infiltrates among the various Jewish communities possessing different rites. The B'nai B'rith achieved this objective of unification regarding the Jewish Ashkenazim and Sephardic communities of Shanghai.

A new Jewish immigration into China started in 1933; Israelites fled from Germany and Austria harassed by the Nazis. According to the Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia these new Jewish migrants of German origin obtained positions in the administration of the Republic of China. Among them the distinguished Israelite, Dr. Bernhard Weiss, who had been Vice President of the Police in Berlin, was entrusted with the reorganization of the Chinese police by Chiang Kai-shek's government. The Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia adds: "Many German officers of Jewish origin enlisted in Chiang Kai-shek's army. Miriam Karnes, who died during the bombing to Nanking, founded a famous battalion of Chinese women. General Moshe Cohen helped organize the supplying of food, arms and equipment of the armed forces. Other (Jewish) refugees served in the nationalist rows as doctors and nurses. But the great amount of German Jews reached China only after the mournful year of 1938, that brought the Reich's great slaughters, the annexation of Austria and the Sudetes." In 1940, the B'nai B'rith in China was led by an English Jew called Mendel Brown 118).

Jews have also used their women in China to ensnare great leaders, following the rules fixed in the Book of Esther in the Bible already mentioned, which tells how the Jewish Esther, hiding her Israelite origin and religion,beguiled the Persian Emperor into falling in love and marrying her, thus becoming Empress of Persia. From this position, she engineered the appointment of her uncle as the Prime Minister. In China the Song family of Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou  Jews obtained great successes in this century by the same means. One of the Song sisters married Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the man who ousted the ancient Chinese monarchy and founded the Republic, becoming the first President. Another sister married Marshall Chiang Kai-shek, President of Nationalist China. Dr. Sun Yat-sen's widow became a member of the Maoist Popular China, where she presently lives and where, with the prestige of being the widow of the national hero, she can undoubtedly help the plans of international Judaism, in ensuring that a clandestine Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou Jew, or at least a Gentile Chinese easily manageable by the Jews, will succeed Chairman Mao Tse-tung when he dies. If this goal can be achieved, the Jewish Racist Imperialists would seize power in Popular China and subjugate that nation to its yoke, reconciling China with the Soviet Union and putting it at the Soviet Union's vassalage — as projected by international Judaism.  Up till now the Jews in the Kremlin have failed in their attempts to oust Chief Mao Tse-tung, but they still seek through an internal revolution to substitute his regime for one which would make China a satellite of the Soviet Union.

(181 Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia. Cited edition. Word: China. Pages 328, 329 and 330, and word: Sassoon David. 9th volume, page 460 2nd. column. Word: Sassoon Albert (Abdula, David) 9th volume, page 460, 2nd. column.

Despite past failures, the fifth column of clandestine Jews in China does not cease in their conspiracy to encourage the establishment of pro-Soviet gangs in and outside the Chinese communist party and army, deceiving many Gentile military and political leaders who do not know the imperialist background of this maneuver, by exploiting those who are ambitious for command and encouraging the individual resentments that exist in China as in any other country in the world. Besides, the insatiable Jewish imperialism of the Kremlin has conceived the idea that due to the wars in Indochina, a war may start between the United States and Popular China, which would give the Kremlin the possibility of sending armies to China to defend her, as it "defended" Poland from the Nazi oppression and also other East European nations, only to enslave them later.

In its effort to dominate China, the Jewish socialist imperialists of Moscow have even planned (in the event that other resources fail) a military invasion to the Chinese territory, similar to the invasions of Hungary and Czechoslovakia. But to achieve this without serious danger it needs to secure its western frontiers through arrangements with Federal Germany and the other European powers, thus eliminating any possibility of a war on two fronts. It could then withdraw many of the armies it has on the European frontiers, and concentrate all its military strength against Maoist China, to surround her with an iron belt with the help of the Indian government controlled by Judaism and others it wants to align. (Editor's quotation: Please refer pamphlet No. 9 of Political Secrets series, titled: "The Jewish Fifth Column in India". Readers may find information on how Hindi Crypto-Judaism controls that country).

It is urgent that German patriots and other western Europeans do not fall in this Soviet trap, covered under the bait of achievement of peace and security in Europe. If the Kremlin's Jews succeed in invading China and dominating it, they will turn against West Europe, which they have not otherwise dare to invade until they have been able to liquidate Mao Tse-tung's regime, among other reasons, and replace it for another controlled by the Kremlin and World Judaism. German patriots must be more aware than anyone else, for the secret Jew-Communist Willy Brandt is determined to help his Jewish brethren of the Kremlin in these falsely pacific purposes, whose only real objective is that the Kremlin should be left free to invade (if they think it is necessary) Mainland China, for the above-mentioned purposes.

In the case of a successful invasion of China by the Soviet Union, the Soviet plan is to maintain occupation troops in China for an indefinite period of time, under the pretext of defending socialism as it has done in several countries of East Europe. The true and hidden reason is that Jewish Imperialism is convinced that the clandestine Chinese Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou Jews are too scarce number (19),  in proportion with the big population of China, to be able to totally dominate China. They would therefore need the support of Soviet troops, as is the case in those East European countries whose Jewish population was so decimated by the Nazis that the Jews are too few to retain power without the aid of Soviet troops.

Judaism projects to control all kinds of governments — monarchist, democratic or communist — but it is an unacceptable tragedy for the Jewish nation (which uses communism to impose its totalitarian domination to mankind), that socialist or communist states should fall and survive in the hands of Gentile rulers, and it will not rest until it has overthrown all Gentile governments, even those that are socialist or communist — either existing now or that may appear in the future — to replace them with governments controlled by the insatiable imperialism of international Judaism.

The Soviet Union is the strongest bulwark of Judaism in the communist camp, due to the high proportion of Jews among the Russian, Ukrainian and other populations of the Soviet Union. Millions of Soviet Jews that control the Party, the Army, the secret police and other repressive organs, keeping the power by themselves, without need of foreign help. So complete is the power in the Soviet Union that it is possible for them to help support their Israelite brethren in the government of other communist countries where they cannot achieve this by themselves.

(19) All experts in Chinese Judaism agree that the Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou Jews in China are few, varying opinions from those who state they are more than two million, to Jewish writers that reduce its number to a minimum. This is not strange, for as we said before, it is an ancient and general custom of Jews to hide the real number of Jews in a country and of course of clandestine Jews. But even supposing they were more than two million, their proportion with the Chinese population of seven hundred million inhabitants would be barely three Jews for each thousand, which would be a very small percentage compared with that of the Jews in the Soviet Union. In any case, the fact that Jews always hide to the Gentiles the real amount of Jews in a Gentile nation, especially the number of clandestine Jews, makes it impossible for us to assure that the clandestine Chinese Jews, Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou and other sects, total 2 million people at most. The number may be larger or smaller. Only an investigation using all adequate means to find out the truth, would allow the total localization of Jews and find out the real number of this fifth column in China of a foreign imperialism, conqueror of nations, that acts through super secret societies of clandestine Jews, who as members of the invaded country, are  infiltrated in all political, military, cultural, religious and social institutions, until it takes over the governments by exploiting personal ambitions for power and personal resentments; by sowing false ideas to promote discordance, internal division and rebellion; and also by effecting espionage and sabotage to the benefit of foreign powers when this is convenient to the plans of international Judaism for world domination.

It is interesting to note that in all nations where the percentage of Israelites is small, in relation to the genuine population of these countries, there is a high rate of mixed marriages between public Jews and the real members of those nations. This question is highly important, because in such cases the Israelite imperialists try, by different means, to increase the number of Jews in those countries to facilitate their conquest and then to maintain control by their own forces.

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