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Chinese Communism and Chinese Jews - Part II

On the other hand this reality has been acknowledged by authorized Israelite writers who have even admitted,in unusual gestures of sincerity, that the clandestine functioning of Judaism has been motivated by political strategy and pragmatic convenience. In this way the Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia, in a rare gesture of sincerity in these sosecret affairs, declares as follows: "Jewish leaders and writers such as Daniel Israel Bonafou, Miguel Cardoso, JoseQuerido, Mardoqueo Mojiaj and others, defended Marranism(Clandestine Judaism) AS A METHOD TO UNDERMINE THE ENEMY'S FOUNDATIONS AND AS A MEANS THAT CONTRIBUTED TO MAKE THE FIGHT AGAINST IT MORE FLEXIBLE". And in another passage — referring to the same clandestine Jews — says that those from Spain considered that "Queen Esther, who did not confess neither her race nor her birth, seemed to be their own model." (5). In this regard it is necessary to remember that the Bible's Book of Esther — whose study is an obligation to all Israelites, eulogises a Jewish girl who pretended to be Persian and hiding her Israelite birth, loyalty and religion, could become the Empress of Persia, and succeed in nominating one of her Jewish relatives as Prime Minister of the Persian Empire — bringing Persia under Jewish rule and destroying any Persians who opposed Israelite domination. The fact that the clandestine Jews — as the above authoritative Jewish document confesses — have mentioned Queen Esther as their model shows that the main reason for the hiding of Judaism has been to accomplish the total infiltration in the country in whose territory the Jews live in order to accomplish what Queen Esther accomplished by the same means — the domination of the nations in which sects of Marranism or Clandestine Judaism function. In China, as in other countries of the world, clandestine Jews — as the mentioned authorized sources confess — obtained high positions as Mandarins, Magistrates and Chiefs of the CHINESE army.
 (5) Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia. Mexico, 1948. 4th volume. Word: Spain.

The Jewish leader Israel Joseph Benjamin II, writing at the end of -the last century, describes the situation of the Tartaric Jews living in Siberia, stating that he was informed that "they settled in the Great Tartaria, where they live in freedom and in the best agreement with the natives. The leaders were equally chosen among the Jews and the Tartars and both of them shared the perils of war,but the Jews did not marry the Tartars and strictly adhered their own religious cult. It is worthwhile to observe that they think they are descendants of the tribe of Reuben." (6).

In spite of such descent, the Tartaric Jews have a Tartaric type that enables them to live unidentified among the population, as in the case of the Chinese, Hindi and Negro Jews, etc. But at least since the last century, they practiced racial discrimination against their cordial and kind hosts, refusing to marry them, believing in their own descent from Reuben's tribe. On the other hand, it is worthwhile to notice that the cordial reception given to them by the Tartars, and the freedom which the Tartars gave them, was repaid by the Soviet Jews with great slaughters of the unfortunate Tartars and the subjugation of the rest of  them to communist slavery. This is another proof of Hebrew ingratitude to those who offer them friendship!

S. M. Perlmann, the Jewish historian, mentions that one of the Tartaric tribes adopted Jewish kings from a group of immigrants coming from Media and Persia, descendants of the tribes of Simeon, Ephraim and Manasehh. He also states that these immigrant Israelites turned themselves in ferocious nomads and great warriors in Tartaria 17). These Tartaric Jews are at present the bulldogs of the Soviet Jewish regime in Siberia, and it is well known that there are many Jewish-Tartaric officers in the Red Army, for the Chinese and Tartaric Jews differ from those of other nations in possessing great military talents.

(6) Israel Joseph Benjamin II. Cited work. Cited edition. Page 218.

These millenary Chinese Jews, who have a Chinese racial aspect, practice Chinese customs, and use Chinese names, have been known to World Judaism, up to the present day, as Chinese Jews Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou. The Israelite leader, Rabbi Jacob S. Raisin, talking about the origin of the word Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou, says as follows: "Some medieval commentators state that when Isahia (The Bible's prophet) forecasted the restoration of 'the land of Sinim' by the Jews, he had in mind those who travelled ten thousand miles from the Jordan through the Caucasus, Turkestan and the Tibet up to the Yellow river in China. Undoubtedly there are indications that centuries before the Christian Age the Jews had trade relations with the 'silk men' (this is the Chinese) who called them Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou, that means those who remove the tendon (referring to the Jewish ceremony mentioned in the Genesis 32-33). Probably Judaism was diffused there by the Radanitas Jews, who went by sea or in caravans, through the Samarkanda route to Khotan to exchange products from Africa and Europe for paper, glass, fine cloths and silk that were produced only in China at that time. They constantly i n creased in number in China producing wise and cultured people." (8).

(7) S. M. Perlmann. "The History of the Jews in China". Cited edition. Pages 29 and 30.
(8) Rabbi Jacob S. Raisin. "Gentile Reactions to Jewish Ideals". New York edition, 1953, page 417.

In general, all Jewish historians who talk about the millenarian Chinese Israelites agree in saying that the origin of the name given to them (Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou) comes from their practice of the above mentioned rite in the Bible for ritual killing, and this was the name given in China to the members of a fraction that (as we will see later), practiced Judaism in an open way. The Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia says that this reference to ritual killing "reveals the pre-rabbinic date of their entrance to the country" (9) or in other words, that the Chinese Jews first arrived in China more than eighteen hundred years ago.

Readers may consult Murray's translation of the travels of Marco Polo with regard to the political and commercial influence of the Chinese Jews in 1286. (10).

On the other hand, the Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia says as follows, regarding public Jews: "Even often confounded with Moslems, they are mentioned in the Chinese Annals for the first time in the 'Yuen Shi' of 1329, because of a law on taxes to heterodoxes, and once more in 1354, when as a result of several revolts, rich Mohammedans and Hebrews were summoned to Peking to serve in the army. In both occasions Jews are called (in the Yuen Shi) Dju-Hudu, maybe a deformation of Yehudim." (11).

In addition to the communities of clandestine Jews spread throughout China, already referred to, there is another Israelite community in the city of Kai-Fung-Foo, former capital of Honan Province, which has been operating in a more or less public way for several centuries, early references to this group being made by Jesuit Missionaries, particularly Father Matteo Ricci, in reports sent to Europe in the XVII Century.
(9) Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia. Cited edition. Third volume. Word: China. Page 325, 2nd. column.
(10) Marco Polo's trips. Translated and edited by Murray. Page 99. (11) Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia. Cited edition. 3rd. volume. Word: China. Page 325, 2nd. column.
Jewish encyclopedias and other books produced by the Jews for the Gentiles, provide, as I said before, much information on Judaism in respect of those things, which the Jewish imperialists allow the Gentiles to know, but hide, minimize and even misguide the Gentile reader on those affairs which Judaism considers to be POLITICAL SECRETS which MUST BE HIDDEN from the Gentile readers. This is why it is not strange that such encyclopedias and books when speaking of the very ancient Chinese Judaism, usually only talk about the communities that have operated publicly mainly those of Kai-Fung-Foo city. About this community they give much information which is highly interesting; saying that it flourished in other times but is today in painful decadence. The Jewish Encyclopedia, in addition to mentioning the Kai-Fung-Foo community also says that Catholic missionaries of the Seventeenth Century found other public Israelite communities in Hangchao-Foo and OTHER CHINESE TOWNS without expressly saying how many of them they found (12). The Encyclopedia adds that the attention of the Israelite historians has been concentrated mainly in the community of Kai-Fung-Foo, and not on others because of the archeological relics found in an old Synagogue, comprising marble tablets engraved in the Chinese language which help clarify several unknown aspects of the history of Chinese Judaism. These marble tablets are dated 1489, 1512 and 1663 respectively.
That of 1489, referring to the Jewish immigration, states: "Seventy families came from the West offering the Emperor tributes of cotton clothes; he allowed them to settle down in Peen-Lang, this is, Kai-Fung-Foo. In 1163, the Synagogue was built by a certain Yen-too-la, and in 1279 it was reconstructed to a great scale. In 1390, Tai-tsou, founder of the Ming dynasty, gave these Jews lands and additional privileges. In 1421 the Emperor allowed a Jewish physician, highly honored by him, to repair the Synagogue"... The Jewish Encyclopedia gives further information regarding the engravings found in these archeological monuments, which cannot be detailed here due to the brevity of this work. Among them, however, there is an engraving mentioning the Chinese Jews that reads: "They are outstanding in agriculture, commerce, in public positions (magistracy) and in the art of war" (army). In fact, it can be seen that Chinese Jews have stood out in trade, as the Jews have in other countries, and had achieved leading positions in the government,  as the Jews have in the Gentile nations. But it seems to be a special characteristic of Chinese Judaism, as many Israelite historians have said — and also these archeological monuments confirm—that Chinese Jews Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou were experts in agriculture. This has allowed them to infiltrate among the peasants, just as their great military talents have also allowed their infiltration in the army, creating a fifth column of Israelite Imperialism infiltrated at all levels in China. This must undoubtedly constitute a serious danger for the Popular Maoist China if it is not found and extirpated, because both the public or hidden Chinese Jews, like all Israelites around the world, are in reality members of a foreign nation and agents of a millenary super-imperialism. As such, their complicity with their Jewish brethren of the Kremlin in their struggle to turn Popular China into a satellite of the Soviet Union, just like the satellite socialist states of Eastern Europe, excepting Albania and Roumania.

From Kai-Fung-Foo in Honan Province in China. Picture published at the beginning of this century, taken from the monumental official Jewish work titled: "Jewish Encyclopedia". Published in New York and London, 1903 edition. Fourth volume, Word: China, Page 36.  

(12) Jewish Encyclopedia. Published in New York and London, 1903 Edition IV volume. Word: China. Page 34, 1st. column.
Going back to the engravings of the Kai-Fung-Foo Synagogue, another inscription mentions the revolt that overthrew the Ming dynasty that protected Jews. This engraving was built by a Jewish Chinese Mandarin who was later Minister of State of the Emperor, and who had written about Adam's virtues (who was, according to the Bible, the first man created by God) and also about the virtues of Noah, Abraham the Patriarch, of all Israelites and Moses, the founder of the Jewish religion. The engraving made by this Mandarin refers to the fall of the city of Kai-Fung-Foo during that revolt and the destruction of the Israelite Synagogue and slaughter of a number of Jews by the rebels in 1642. The engravings say that Jews had been protected by the Ming Emperors, and had obtained positions in the Government. They also say that in the middle of this disaster a Jewish Chinese Mandarin appeared leading an army, and that this Jewish Mandarin rescued the Sacred Writings (the Bible) that had been thrown into the water by the rebels, reconstructed the city of Kai-Fung-Foo, and that this Mandarin and his brother rebuilt the Israelite Synagogue in 1663. This Jewish Chinese Mandarin had — as both public or clandestine Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou Israelites do — a typical Chinese name. His name was Chao-Yng-Cheng (13).

These engravings, which constitute a historical monument of incontrovertible documentary value, show the great political and military influence that Jews had in China in the XVII Century. Not only did they hold senior positions in the Imperial Government, but they had also Chinese armies under their command.

(13) Jewish Encyclopedia. Cited edition 4th volume. Word: China. Page 34, 2nd. column.

Photo published in 1950 by the "Jewish Encyclopedic Handbook" of Link. Published by Israel Editorial of Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1950, Jewish Year 5710. Page 97, 2nd. column. Word: China.

The Jewish Encyclopedia says that the Jew Chao-Yng-Cheng was Mandarin of the Chen-Si province (14), that is to say he was the Governor of that Province — clear evidence of Jewish infiltration into the highest positions of the Chinese Government.

The Jewish Encyclopedia, referring the Chinese Jews of Kai-Fung-Foo, also says that many of them: "emigrated — during the war between the Chinese and Tartars — to Kiang-su, Arnoy and Peking; but they do not have synagogues in those places, and that some Jews with English protection, went to Shanghai and Hong Kong, where they practiced the traffic of opium and cotton." (15).

This information provided by the Jewish Encyclopedia, a Jewish document of unquestionable value, makes us see that the opium traffic, which led to the criminal war fought by the British Government against China, not only benefitted British and Indian Jews, but also the Chinese Jews Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou, who also participated in the opium traffic in Shanghai and Hong Kong under the protection of the British government, which as we all know was already a satellite under the control of Jewish Super-Imperialism. Under Jewish control, the British government even sent —betraying the ideals of democracy— its own people to fight and die to protect and expand the Jewish opium trade, so that the Jews might make a profit out of poisoning the Chinese people, and Chinese Jews participated in this trade at the expense of their Chinese hosts.

As Indian Jews and other Israelite communities of the Afro-Asian world were somewhat behind Western Judaism regarding the progress of their religious institutions and internal policies, Western Judaism, during the XIX Century, started a program to adapt the Secret Jewish societies in Africa, East and Southern Asia to the advances of European and American Judaism, not only regarding changes in Jewish religious and social institutions but also with regard to new techniques of infiltration and political control over the Gentile nations, including revolutionary techniques intended to accelerate their domination. The revolutionary potential of the Afro-Asian Israelite communities began to develop progressively during the XIX Century, as Western Judaism sent experienced leaders to train them in all aspects in which they were backward in regard to Western Judaism. Regarding the Chinese Judaism and the Kai-Fung-Foo community, the Jewish Encyclopedia reports that the Western Jews formed a special organization called the "Society for Rescuing the Chinese Jews" whose task was the revival of the Israelite religion among those Chinese Jews (16) that as we have previously studied is the main generator of the Israelite Imperialism in China.
(14) Jewish Encyclopedia. Cited edition. 3rd. volume. Word: Chao-Yng-Cheng. Page 665, 2nd. column.
(15) Jewish Encyclopedia. Cited edition. Fourth volume. Word: China: Page 36, 1st column.

The Jewish Encyclopedia adds that the Jews of Shanghai cooperated with this society. According to Jewish encyclopedias, the formerly flourishing Israelite community of Kai-Fung-Foo, fell into a painful decadence, diminishing the number of its members to the point that they had to sell their Temple. We, as experienced researchers of the history of clandestine Judaism, find and can prove that every time Israelite historians talk about decadence or disappearance of a Jewish community in books which the Gentiles can read (such as encyclopedias and other writings) in most cases — for there are a few exceptions as is natural —what really happens when there is a mass desertion from public Judaism, the majority of "deserters" are just pretending to abandon Judaism in favor of a Gentile religion, while secretly remaining loyal to the Israelite nation and religion. In other words, they merely transfer from Public Judaism to Clandestine Judaism.

(16) Jewish Encyclopedia. Cited edition. IV Volume. Word: China. Page 36, 1st. column.

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