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Chinese Communism and Chinese Jews - Part I

Sometime ago I downloaded this booklet called "Chinese Communism and the Chinese Jews" by Itsvan bakony. It is a very interesting book. I live in a little town with a large number of Jews married to  the Chinese. I always wondered why the Jews are so attracted to the Asians. This book might have the answer to this question. I have worked for Jews and they seem to always be into Buddhism as freemasonry. Manly P. Hall has a great regard for the East Mysticism and faith. You can listen to some of his lectures on the YouTube. I divide this article in many parts, even that I don't think I will have time to do a proper html editing.

The Israelite leader Israel Joseph Benjamin II, Chacham of Israel, after his visit to China at the middle of last century, says in his report on Chinese clandestine Judaism, presented to the western Israelite leaders, that in one epoch the Chinese Jews mixed themselves with the population of the mongolic race through mixed marriages:

"They keep their faith w i th the characteristic tenacity distinguishing the Hebrew race, they even now do not marry but women of their same religion"... "During the war among Tartar and Chinese peoples, a part of them moved to the Che-Kiang province, neighboring that in which our city is located, and became established in Kang Tchou, a city I intend to visit, and the other part is in Arnoy in the Fo-Kien province. There are emigrants also in Peking and throughout China". After this, the laborious Chacham referring to what a German Jewish magazine said, talks about a group of Chinese Jews that: "Only one had a real Jewish type, but except for the religion and circumcision, they are completely converted into Chinese by their language, dressing, customs, and habits, they also have Chinese names... It is said that Jews came to China from the north-western part of India by about the third century after Christ; they first remained secretly in Ning-hia, Hantcheou and Peking, and later became established in Kai-fung-foo". (1) A dangerous fifth column of secret Jews had entered China, who as a result of their total adaptation through the centuries, to the racial and social characteristics of the Chinese people are now dangerously confounded and diluted in the population of that country.

It should be noted that although the Israelites of the former celestial Empire are considered among the most mixed with the indigenous race, since the last century they have kept the rigid custom of marrying only among themselves, and the above mentioned Hebrew leader says that they have kept their faith "with the characteristic tenacity that distinguishes the Hebrew race".

The historian of the Chinese Jews, Alexandre Wyllie, in his valuable book called Investigations on the Existence of Jews in China, since the Most Ancient Times to These Days, notes that the existence of the Jews was hidden for the majority, but that, nevertheless, "some accidental observations in Marco Polo's trips, show that Jews were sufficient enough to be able to exert political influence in China and Tartaria" (2). It is natural that a clandestine (1) Israel Joseph Benjamin II. Chacham of Israel. "Eight Years in Asia and Africa from 1846 to 1855." Hanover Editions 1863. Pages 206-209. (2) Alexandre Wyllie. "Recherches sur I'existence des juifs en la Chine depuis les temps les plus reculis, jusqu'a nos jours".
French translation. Paris edition 1864.

Judaism as secret as the one functioning in China for the last eighteen hundred years, was not easy for Marco Polo to identify, but the clandestine Jews who themselves know the problem very well, can identify its existence better than anyone else, through Marco Polo's reports in his writings.


Rev. H. H. Milman (a protestant) in his History of the Jews, writes of the Chinese: "They were cultivated, and some of them, according to existing inscriptions, have been highly honored by the imperial will and have obtained the rank of Mandarins. One of these inscriptions —dated in 1515— praises the Jews for their integrity and fidelity in agriculture, commerce, magistracy and in the army, and for the adequate observance of their own religious ceremonies".

This clergyman states — after saying that the Chinese Jews revered Confucio's name and followed the Chinese custom of religiously revering their ancestors: "In other aspects they are strictly Jews... They only marry among themselves... They neither do not attempt to do proselitism" (3).

S. M. Perlmann, the Jewish historian, in his History of the Jews in China, London, 1913, also tells of the existence of Chinese Jews in the army and of Mandarins, one of whom, called Chao-Yng Cheng, commanded a section of the army and rebuilt the city of Kai-fung-foo. Hebrew historians agree in ascribing great military talents to the Chinese, Tartaric and Mongolian Jews, and this may explain their infiltration into the Chinese communist army, where they gossip against Chairman Mao Tse-tung and plead for a reconciliation with the

(3) H. H. Milman. "The History of the Jews". 3rd. volume. London edition 1868. Pages 166 and 167.

Photo published in 1950 by the official Israelite work titled: "Jewish Encyclopedic Handbook" of the Israelite author Pablo Link published by "Israel Editorial" of Buenos Aires. 1950, Jewish year 5710. Page 205. Word: JEW. This picture is published in addition to others of Jews from other countries, under the title: "Some Jewish Types"

Soviet Union, apparently to achieve world communist unity, but in reality to turn Popular China into a satellite dominated by the Jews who lead the Soviet Union. Clandestine Jews infiltrated in the Chinese Communist Party and in the governing and social institutions of the country, work in the same direction. In another passage of his aforementioned book, the Hebrew S. M. Perlmann says that some Chinese Jewish children asked him why the Europeans had so much interest in them, and Perlmann replied: "Because all of us are from the Jewish nation and creed, all of us are descendants of Abraham", despite the fact that in his book he has confessed that: "The appearance of the Jews I interviewed was completely Chinese", except a young fellow who was seventeen years old who "really had something of the peculiar Jewish type." "In their external appearance it was not possible to distinguish them from other Chinese."

The distinguished Israelite historian confesses something that is well known, but which coming from a famous Jewish historian has greater probatory value: that it is not possible in most cases to distinguish the Chinese clandestine Jews —because of their Chinese names and last names, their Chinese racial type and customs— from other Chinese. Although they appear to be a part of the Chinese people, in fact they belong to a foreign nation and people — to the Jewish nation. In other words, they represent an infiltration of the Israeli nation and Israeli imperialism into the heart of the Chinese nation.

It is very interesting to note another statement by this Jewish historian, in reference to those Chinese Jews who did not hide their Israelite identity:

Member of the ultra-secret sect Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou, spread throughout China. Picture published about the middle of the 20th century by the Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia, Jewish official work of utmost authority on Judaism. Published in Mexico, 1948. Third volume. Word China. Page 326, 2nd. column.

"Before ending,  I must add to be fair with this old and cultured Chinese nation, that Jews in China have never had to complain about intolerance; they were never under exceptional laws; they were never persecuted or despised because of their religion. They always enjoyed the same rights as the Chinese people." (4).

This Jewish confession is of utmost importance. Israelites say that the slaughters, persecutions and expulsion of Jews from different countries of Christian Europe and the Islamic world, as an alternative to their conversion either to Christianity or to the Islam, forced the Jews both from the European nations and the Mohammedan world to falsely convert themselves to Islam or to Christianity to escape persecution, slaughters or expulsion and to remain in the country in which they were living. Nevertheless, if this were the only explanation from these pretended conversions and for the decision of the clandestine Israelites, to hide their Jewish identity, how can it be explained that in China —where the famous Jewish historian S. M. Perlmann confesses that the Israelites have never been persecuted, and readily denies any case of intolerance— the phenomenon of clandestine Judaism has existed for many centuries up until our days, and Israelites hide their identity to appear as part of the Chinese people? This and other similar cases are proof that while it is true that in many cases Jews have been compelled to sink into clandestinity to escape persecution, expulsion or death, in the majority of the cases it is evident that they have chosen this path as a political strategy to enable them to infiltrate the society of the country in which they live in order to monopolize the leading positions and to bring the host country under their control.

(4) S. M. Perlmann. "The History of the Jews in China". London edition 1913. Pages 24 to 37.

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