Sunday, May 1, 2011


This morning I left home around 8:30AM in direction to the bike path under beautiful sunny skies. The temperature was in the 80's. My plan was to do a two hours run. I stayed on the bike path for a couple minutes and then made right in direction to the Oakwood Valley trail. I ran the Oakwood Valley trail loop once and headed up to the Ten parking lot. I passed through the parking lot and ran to the Ten beach. I turned around by the beach (50:32) and headed back the same way. I ran the Oakwood loop again and then back to the bike path. I made right on the bike path and ran to its  end. I turned around and ran all the way to the other end. I ran back by the middle point of the bike path and exited heading back home. Overall it was a good run. My second long run in seven days. Total run time: 2 hours and 41 seconds.

On Saturday I ran early morning on the bike path. My legs are feeling more rested. I ran the out and back route and added a few more minutes on the trails. I did some pick ups during my run. No need to go all out. The allergies are almost under control. Beautiful warm weather.  Total run time: 41 minutes and 11 seconds.

On Friday I did an easy short run. My legs were very sore with tight ITBs. A tight ITB, usually, causes knee problems. My left knee was trying to act again. I ran the usual bike path route out and back. I stopped to do some pull ups, military style as usual. Never cheat when you do your pull ups. You can call them chin ups or whatever you want. But in my opinion, pull ups only count when you bring your chin over the bar and you go all the way down without resting your feet on the ground. Do it slowly and feel the pain. It makes no difference if you can do 100 pull ups if you are cheating. Better do it right and only half dozen, then do it wrong and cheating. Total run time: 33 minutes.
By the mile 2!

On Thursday I decided to do a run over the next race course. It was a nice run on a paved road for four miles with an extra mile on the trails, out and back. My legs are quite sore from all the hilly routes I have been running lately. The first four miles out were not that hard, except for the last long incline before the mile four. It was definitely a rolling course with lots ups and downs. The way back was a different story. The trail part had a  nice steep climb and after that  a long downhill by the mile four followed by another climb. The way back seemed harder. Total run time: between 65-68 minutes.

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