Sunday, May 8, 2011


This morning I left home around 7:30AM for my daily run. The weather changed from hot and and dry to cool and wind. Since I am racing next weekend I decided to back off on my long run. Just do enough to keep my endurance at a good level. I ran from home to the bike path, stayed on the bike path for a few minutes, then exited it in direction to the Oakwood Valley trail. I ran the Oakwood Valley trail loop once and head back to the bike path, running it out and back. And finally heading back home. Total run time: 1 hour, 24 minutes and 36 seconds.

The wind is getting stronger by the end of day. And it blows all the pollen around making things quite difficult. I see lots people sneezing and coughing due to allergies. On Saturday  I run the bike path route again. My legs felt light and strong. I rode my bike for a short distance. Hard to stay off the bike this time of year. It is a good cross training. Total run time: 34 minutes and 40 seconds.

On Friday I did an easy run on the bike path out and back. Tired legs. When I was in the middle of my run something interesting happened. I saw this strange critter moving part of its body out of water. I knew it could not be a whale because it was very small. So I stopped for a couple minutes to look at. It kept moving back and forth against the grass along the water. When I got home I looked up this critter and I found out it was a bat ray. I have never seen one before so close and in the open. They are very common in this area. I did a few fast strides by the end of my run. Total run time: 32 minutes.

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