Wednesday, April 6, 2011


On Wednesday I did a short bike ride early morning. Then around 5:30PM I did my daily run on the bike path, out and back. My legs are feeling very tired. The yesterday's speed session trashed my legs. I could barely jog this afternoon.  If I recover by Saturday, I will try to race this weekend. It is only a five miles race on a flat course. Total run time: 33:03 for 4.7 miles.

On Tuesday I left home around 5:15PM after a short bike ride. I was feeling a little tired and my right hamstring is not fully recovered. After ten minutes of an easy warm  up I started my 1000 meters reps. Actually it is a little longer than 1000  meters. The plan was to test my  right hamstring. Do at least three repetitions. So it went like this: 3x1000m+ in 3:13;2:30R; 3:08;2:30R;3:17; cool down. The rest was 400 meters easy jog. I had a few issues with the bikes, people and their dogs on leash, kids, etc. There was always something getting in my way when I was trying to do my repetitions. The second repetition was a little too fast. This guy on a mountain bike told me that I was running at 15mph. So I tried to put the brakes on but I ended up  spending too much energy. I finished my run by running the bike path out and back and heading back home. Total run time: 68 minutes 18 seconds.

On Monday I took a day off. I had to work long hours and by the end of the day I did not any legs left for my daily run.

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