Sunday, April 24, 2011


This morning I got up ready to race. But the weather changed quickly. The rain came down and I changed my mind. My right hamstring still sore and I don't want to aggravate my injury. My diet has not been the best in the last few days. I 'd like to taper properly before a race. Add the tired legs due to my work, and it was the right decision.
Since racing was out of question, I went for a long run under a rainy skies. I chose a very hilly route, right out of my  front door. It started with a 15 minutes long climb on the this paved road followed by a big drop in elevation. I got a break for about 10 minutes on the flat section of the paved road. Then things went up again for another 25 minutes or so. The rest of the route was a mix of  flat and downhill paved roads and trails, Total run time: 1 hour and 56 minutes.

On Saturday I did a short run from home, followed by a few easy relaxed strides. I was testing my legs to see if I could run on Sunday. Things seem to be improving but I'll know for sure tomorrow morning. My right hamstring still a little sore. It showed a lot improvement since my last race. Total run time: 30 minutes.

On Friday I ran the bike path route out and back. My legs were a little tired. The allergies were really bad and with all the rain that we had it made things worse. I had too many days off this week. Not a very good habit. But sometimes work becomes priority and by the end of day, there is nothing legs left.
Total run time: 32 minutes.

On Thursday  I decided to take another day off. I was feeling very tired.


A13 said...

Hope You had a nice weekend HBM.
How was your run today?
or are you just chilling outand relaxing for these days,It can be good to take time out :)
btw , i cooked that recipe you put up a while back, the one with pine nuts, pasta and spinach, and it was delish!!
cheers A13

wv= luist..i have a luist for life!

Honk Bonk Man said...

Great! I love that recipe. I am being a little slow to reply to the comments. I am planing to take some time off in the end of June. Taking a day off per week is enough for me.

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