Saturday, April 2, 2011


I had a good week even that my right hamstring is very sore.

Monday: Off(bike ride)
Tuesday: 67min w/ 6x400m+
Wednesday: 48min
Thursday: 57min
Friday: 48min
Saturday: 30min(strides)
Sunday: 1h35min

I just came back from my daily run. Hot day. My run was a mix of paved roads and muddy trail. My right hamstring still very sore. The plan was to run no less than 90 minutes. I did just that. The spring season brings back the pollen and allergies as the heat. Not a good combination. But overall I am feeling good. I just need to manager this hamstring problem. Total run time: 1 hour and 35 minutes.

After the rain
On Saturday I was feeling very tired. Tired. That is the word. I decided to have a very short easy day. I ran for twenty minutes on the bike path and then I did some pick ups, exaggerating the arms and knees movements. Ten repetitions were enough with full recovery. I was covering a distance of 100 meters. My right hamstring is feeling better but it is still sore. I am stretching and icing it. Total run time: over 30 minutes.

The top view

On Friday I ran around 5:24PM. I left home in direction to the bike path. I ran the bike  path out and back and headed back home. Same route as yesterday. My legs are very tired. To make things worse, my right hamstring has been acting since Sunday's hill reps. It is hard to run with a sore hamstring and add the heat to make things even harder.  Tomorrow I will have another easy day. I am planning to race next weekend. I will have to wait and see how my week progresses. Total run time: 48 minutes.

The left side

On Thursday I ran after work. My legs are slowly recovering. It was a hot day. I ran the bike path, out and back adding three times the loop around the two soccer fields. I was feeling very tired. The temperature is back in the 80's making me feel a little uncomfortable with the heat. Another easy run tomorrow should be enough to revive my legs. Total run time: 57 minutes.

The right side

The vegetable garden project is coming together. I am almost done with the construction phase. The next phase is the planting.


A13 said...

Hi Hbm, That project is comming along nicely! what a lovely site to do a garden, will it be terraced? and what are you going to plant?
The soil looks very healthy and lush to plant..
best wishes for your project.

Honk Bonk Man said...

All kinds of vegetables. I will build some raised beds. And landscape with native plants of this area.

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