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The Flying Bagels

 I will try to update this article as the flying bagels become more and more visible to the human eye. If you see one, please, contact me. I want to share your experiences of being adopted by a flying bagel and your experience inside of their spacebagel. Did they perform a circumcision at your privaties? Did you identify the smelly space rabbi?

Quick list of highly probable or confirmed UFO hoaxes and myths:

It took me only thirty seconds to find another flying bagel story: Hoax in the Bagel Land

For anyone who still sees a UFO through the sea of red flags, there’s the video analysis that shows evidence of fakery. Robert Sheaffer, a longtime skeptical UFO investigator and author of the Bad UFOs blog told Life’s Little Mysteries that, “the original Jerusalem UFO has now been definitely shown to be a hoax. Effects of the video processing software are clearly seen. The hoaxer used Motion Tile effects with edge mirroring to introduce camera shake into the video. You can see the mirroring effects along the edge of the video. This proves that the video did not go directly from the camera to YouTube, that it made a stop in between inside a sophisticated video editing software suite. Once you start editing it like that, a skilled hoaxer can put practically anything in it.”

Ray Santilli "Roswell alien autopsy" film (1995) - Ray Santilli fake "Roswell Alien Autopsy film" and "Roswell crash wreckage" videos aired in 1995, are a confirmed hoax (see Eamonn investigates "Alien Autopsy" 2002 TV documentary or quick summary of Eamonn on Santilli hoax and comments by Philip Mantle) and Kiviat on AA film. Santilli changed his story in 2002 and admitted to have filmed a dummy alien, created by sculptor and special-effects designer John Humphreys. The organs were made from sheep and chicken offal, the leg injury made use of a sheep bone joint. The set was a terraced house in Camden Town, London. The actors included Santilli, Shoefield, Humphreys, and one of Shoefield's employees, Gareth Watson.

Santilli claimed to have done a "restoration", as the supposedly original film footage was worn out and practically unusable, but it is practically certain that the entire affair was a hoax and Santilli doesn't admit it to avoid fraud charges.

Bob Lazar (supposedly worked on UFO back-engineering project at "S4" Area 51 in Nevada USA,  bogus UFO propulsion physics involving Element-115 aka Ununpentium) - Bob Lazar UFO physics (see discussions at Lazar corner) Ununpentium-115 superheavy element, gravity waves type A and type B. I could potentially believe (based on his name being listed in Los Alamos National Laboratory 1982 phone book and his tax return slip citing payment from Department of Naval Intelligence) that Lazar has worked at S4 / Area-51 and even has seen flying saucers as he claims, but his "flying saucer physics" with element Uup-115 creating a "gravity A wave" which extends outside the nucleus and then amplified and "out of phase gravitational waves" etc, I find impossible. Critiqued by David Morgan and Friedman.

John Searl (claims to have flown what he called an IGV -Inverse Gravity Vehicle- in England during the 1960s)

TNT's "KGB UFO Files" alien autopsy video and film of half-buried discoid UFO which supposedly crashed in 1968 in Sverdlovsk (Berezovsky) Russia - The supposed UFO crash in 1968 in Sverdlovsk (Berezovsky) Russia and subsequent alien autopsy in "The secret KGB UFO Files" TV documentary by TNT with Roger Moore (James Bond 007) hosting, is a confirmed hoax Shurinov critique, Alex Hefman on TNT KGB UFO Files hoax

Project SERPO (alleged top-secret exchange program between the US government and an alien planet called Serpo) - SERPO Project about a supposed top secret exchange program of twelve US military personnel to Serpo, a planet of Zeta Reticuli, between the years 1965-78.

Project Bluebeam (conspiracy theory aimed at Christian fundamentalists since the 1990s) -
Project Blue Beam (3-dimensional holographic projection of 'Jesus' in the sky). Photography issues: "orbs" (backscatter orbs) and "rods".

UMMO (hoax spread mostly in Spain & France in the 1960s and 1970s, decades-long claims that aliens from the planet Ummo were communicating with persons on Earth)

Pleiadians (one-armed Swiss farmer Billy Meier)

Nazi flying saucers (Nick Cook) - NAZI flying saucers "Vril", "Haunebu", NAZI bases in Antarctica and on the Moon . Avrocar and its descendants "military flying saucers" or "real world flying saucers" being responsible for UFO sightings, see fake flying saucers. More fantasy at U.S. built flying wing disc aircraft? (1946 - 1967)


Youtube videos of UFO over Haiti and Dominican Republic -"UFOs" over Haiti and Dominican Republic, created by "Barzolff", a professional animator, using Vue6 software (various types, most imaginative is the "Flying Spaghetti Monster"-type UFO):

WTC helicopter UFO video (SciFi channel promo) - Video footage of UFO "buzzing" helicopter near WTC (*not* the case on 9/11), is simply an ADMITTED computer-graphics (CGI) promotional commercial clip for Sci-Fi channel! Other telltale signs would be that the "UFO" leaves a contrail. Read email by actress Barbara Sicuranza who played in it

California / Raji drones (May/Jun-2007) and followup Isaac's CARET Program and Extra-Terrestrial Technology (Jun-2007) - "California drones, a/k/a "Chad drone" and "Raji drone" photos. These surfaced via C2C by Mrs Linda Moulton Howe (who has did good work on cattle mutilations in the 1970s, but seems to have lost critical faculties in recent years, falling for one hoax after another)

"Men in Black" mythology by Gray Barker (USA 1950s and 1960s)

Shaver mystery (underground civilizations, USA 1950s)

Alleged TR3B "black-project" craft to explain the silent massive "black triangles" seen all over the world

Russian "Cosmospheres" to explain spherical UFOs

Jonathan Bradley Rutter a.k.a "Dr" Jonathan Reed ("Alien in forest encounter in Oct-1996" - story about encountering reptilian alien in the woods of the Cascade Mountains, alien attacked his dog, he killed the alien and put it in freezer)

"Australian UFO wave" hoax of 2006 (by Chris Kenworthy) - Australian UFO Wave 2006 Hoax, read interview of Chris Kenworthy at

Source:  Best UFO Resources


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