Thursday, April 14, 2011


On Thursday I decided to do a little speed session. The weather was a little cold and windy. But I felt good and confident. I started with 20 minutes warm up easy run. Then I measured a distance of 400 meters in the bike path.  Speed session: 1:32(69);1:35(57);1:29(65);1:33(61);1:30(67);1:34(61);1:31(70);1:32(61);1:31;18 minutes cool down. (Rest/Easy jog)  It is difficult to run even splits because of the traffic and change of terrain in the bike path. You never know when someone is going to walk or block your way. The slowest reps were against the wind because I was running out and back. By GoogEarth ruler measurements I ran 465 meters for each fast repetition. Well, I don't know how accurate these measurements are. Total run time: 63 minutes.

On Wednesday I had a day off. My right quad was sore and painful. Better back off.

On Tuesday I did four times the Oakwood Valley loop and headed back home. Good run. My legs felt good. This loop was only 1.3 miles mostly rolling. I am recovering well from the Sunday's race. I would like to do a speed session this week, probably on Thursday. The weather has been really different this month. A mix of cold, wind, and rain. Very unpredictable. Total run time: 62 minutes.

On Monday I ran an easy recovery run. My legs are feeling good. I am not tired as I expected to be. I ran the bike path out and back and headed back home. It has been a weird weather this year. Usually I don't race at this time of the year at all. The pollen in the air causes me some horrible allergies. This year somehow has been a little different. I might have a couple more races before the fall. Total run time: 41 minutes.

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