Thursday, March 10, 2011


I just came back from my run. This afternoon I ran the usual bike path route. But since half of the bike path area was filled with dogs, brat spoiled bagel kids, pretenders, horny ones, sexually depleted homos, and bagels 'r us, I decided to run three times the second part of the route. It is about 2.88 miles. So I ran back and forth along the paved bike path. It was very muddy because we had lots rain in the last couple days. Somehow I felt relaxed and comfortable. My legs felt good, even that my working week is being a little brutal. Total run time: 58 minutes or around 8.5 miles.

Yesterday I ran an easy short run. Recovery run. My legs were quite trashed. I worked until later. Nothing much left in the tank. I ran the bike path route out and back and finished by the StarBagels. I felt OK. My legs felt heavy. Not enough recovery time. Total run time: 38 minutes.

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