Sunday, March 6, 2011


All the good people were running, muddy! That was the way how I felt this evening. It was a rainy day. I did my run late in the day. This morning I went for a short bike ride. My right hamstring was screaming with pain. Eventually it went away and I felt better. So around 5:16PM I left my home in direction to the bike path. I rant he bike path out and back and  added a few more minutes in the way back. My legs felt good. I was planning to run no more than one hour. I did just that. Total run time: 62 minutes.

Yesterday after a long working day I did not have much left in the tank. That was what I thought. But I was able to do a short run. I ran once the Oakwood Valley trail loop and the bike path, one way. My legs somehow felt good.  I believe I was able to find a good balance between running and working. In the past if I had a speed session planned, I would go out there and just do it. Sometimes it would work out well. But most of time I would feel very tired and unable to race well. These days I am having a different approach. If I feel tired I will just take another easy day and leave the hard run for the next day.
Total run time: 45 minutes.

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