Wednesday, March 23, 2011


On Wednesday I was feeling very tired. Somehow I found enough energy to go for my daily run. The usual bike path route, out and back. I added four loops around the two soccer fields. The loops are about 5 minutes and 30 seconds in duration. Lots people out there playing soccer and baseball. My legs felt good and the plantar fasciitis did not bother me. I taped my left foot and it seemed to work. No pain during work or run. Total run time: 55 minutes.

This is a little preview of my actual project.

On Tuesday I did another easy run. My quads and thighs are very sore. And the rain is back making things a little more difficult. I left home around 5PM heading to the bike path. After a couple minutes into my run the rain started. I ran the bike path route out and back, and added a few minutes by doing a loop around  two soccer fields. My legs are feeling good, except for the DOMS. After about 45 minutes I started feeling a pain under my left foot. It seems to be plantar fasciitis. This similar pain was bothering while I was working on the hillside doing some heavy lifting. Not much I can do than just treat the problem since I can not completely eliminate the cause of the problem. Total run time: 64 minutes.

On Monday after another long working day, I went for an easy recovery run. My legs are feeling very sore, specially my quads and thighs. To my surprise I am recovering well. I left  home around 5PM. My plan was to run the bike path route out and back, and head back home. It was a good day. The rain did not come down during my run. I was able to make back home without any problems. All the heavy lifting and climb that I did during the entire day did not slow me down or made me feel tired. Total run time: 54 minutes.


A13 said...

That project of yours looks awesome!
are you a landscaper or landscape architect?
it looks like it will turn out wonderfull..
All the best to you. :)
cheers A13

Honk Bonk Man said...

That picture is one week old. The project is almost over. Well, it is a very large area. The rain is not helping. I should be done by next week I believe.

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