Thursday, March 3, 2011


After a couple rainy days, the sun is back. I had another good run.  I ran from home to the bike path out and back, and back home. I tried a different route back home to add a few more minutes to my run.  I added a long steep hill at start to make things a little more fun. My legs are feeling "heavy". But I was able to run at a good pace. Total run time: 58 minutes or over 8 miles.

This is one of my favorite dinner recipes:

3 cups spaghetti (6 ounces uncooked)
1 cup tomato sauce (Ragu Hearty)
2 ounces ground turkey
1/4 French bread (4 ounces)

1,300 calories; 70% carbohydrates

Great source of carbohydrates. It may not be good for somone trying to loose weight. Well, I don't have that problem.


Anon said...

I'm now inspired to cook some pasta!

Some of the best food I ever tasted was spaghetti, in Italy.

- Aangirfan

Honk Bonk Man said...

I am not Italian but I love spaghetti and pizza. They make great food.

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