Sunday, March 27, 2011


I went for a walk this morning. YES, a walk!

This afternoon I left home around 5:30PM. The rain started around 3PM. So it was a wet run. I was planning to do some hill repetitions. My lack of hill training was evident during my last race. Because it was raining heavily I decided to do my hill reps close by. There is a very steep hill by my local high school. My intention was to do no more than five reps but I found out that this hill was a little short. So why not do ten reps? I ran hard up to the top and jogged down not concerned about time. It was difficult to keep a good form in the last 1/3 of the hill going up. By checking GoogleEarth I found out that the hill was 118.60 meters long and the elevation started at 10ft and ended at 100ft. After I finished the hill reps I did a cool down of about 15 minutes of easy running back home.

It was a good mileage week. No complains.

Monday: 54 minutes
Tuesday: 64 minutes
Wednesday: 55 minutes
Thursday: 54 minutes
Friday: 30+ minutes (easy recovery run)
Saturday: 1 hour and 41 minutes (good pace)
Sunday: 30+ minutes; 10 x short hill


A13 said...

Oh Wow !! HBM, A walk!
Take a ride on the wild side hey!
It must have felt like slo motion to you!
All the best, and thanks for the formatting tips, i just think that my blog posts are they look ok..but then they get all out of formatt, and it's frustrating as hell when that happens.
Many regards

Honk Bonk Man said...

If you copy something from another source, DON'T paste straight into your blog because you are copying all the codes(HTML, CSS, links, etc) and usually they are NOT in the same format as the post you are writing. It can create chaos. Paste it to Notepad or other program(not MSWord) that does not have the HTML codes on. And then copy and paste it to your blog.

A13 said...

Hi Hbm, I've been doing it onto the wordpad format, i don't have the note pad thing, and last time i got fed up, put it into word, removed all the hyperlinks, and then it seemed to stay in shape.
Also, now for some reason i'm having problems even uploading pics from my own hard drive to compose post.
I had no probs up until 2 days ago..
Why would this happen?
many thanks.

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