Wednesday, March 30, 2011


On Wednesday I felt very tired during and after work. My daily run started around 5:24PM from home to the bike path. It was an easy recovery run. Not much left in the tank. This tiredness was caused by my hill repetitions on Sunday. And yesterday I did another speed session that trashed my legs even more. I should be feeling better by Friday. Tomorrow I will do another easy run. Total run time: 48 minutes.

I see some progress.
On Tuesday afternoon around 4:15PM I left home for my daily run wearing my racing flats. My legs were still feeling sore and tired. Run after work is always a hard task, specially when you do some labor work. But there I was on the bike path, ready for my repetitions. I was planning to do about 6 x 500 meters. But it turned out a little short than 500 meters. Actually it was 475 meters with 200 meters jog in between. I ran all the reps fast, almost all out.  My legs were trashed after the last rep. I did an easy jog of 30 minutes as my cool down. The warm up was from home to the bike path. Total run time: 67 minutes.

Two ways!
On Monday I felt very sore. I was expecting to feel very tired because of the hill reps that I did on Sunday during the heavy rain. My legs were completely dead. No a good feeling when you feel this tired. Good day for a day off. It was not totally off because I went for a short bike ride.

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