Saturday, March 26, 2011


On Saturday I left home at 4:55PM for my daily run. It rained all night and morning. So I was waiting for the skies to clear this afternoon and feel a little more rested. I ran from home to the bike path. I stayed on the bike path for about 15 minutes, and then I exited it running on direction to the Ten Beach. The weather was perfect but the trails were muddy and mostly flooded. I mixed the paved roads with the trails trying to avoid the flooded areas. I felt great. My legs were revived by this run. I turned around by the Ten Beach  and headed back home adding a few minutes on the bike path. Total run time: 1 hour and 41 minutes.
My little project is almost done.
On Friday I was feeling very tired and planning to take a day off. But I opted for an short run. Just the usual bike path route, out and back. My legs were feeling heavy from all the lifting that I did at work. Sometimes it is better to back off and let your body recover. In this case I thought that an easy run would be better than a day off. Total run time: over 30 minutes.

Last Sunday's race.
On Thursday I ran a little later in the day expecting for the rain to stop. Finally it did stop and I was able to leave home and ran the bike path route and back home. It was an incredible windy and rainy day. Windies up to 60 mph in some locations. I was locked in my client's garage doing my work. There was no way I could work outside with all this storm going on. Total run time: 54 minutes.
Wind and rain.

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