Friday, March 4, 2011


Sometimes you feel like you are invincible. It is a good feeling. Usually it comes with some regrets later on. I felt quite exhausted for the last 48 hours. My legs were very tired. Dead man walking.  I had to hang, literally hang on the hillside to start a new project this afternoon. The wonders of doing labor work and trying to squeeze in a few miles of running. It can get unpredictable sometimes. No matter how fit you are. If you work load changes and you have to do something more demanding, your training usually is sacrificed. For me running is a passion. I don't really care about how I feel in the end of day. I just need to get out there and do it.

So this afternoon I hit the bike path for my usual run. I was being very ambitious. I did need to do some aerobic work. I stopped by the playground area and did some pull ups. I have not tried the one hand pull up for a long time. I was able to do a few this afternoon with the energy I had left  and somehow it felt good.  If the  mind is working well, the body always answers to the physical demand.
Total run time: 45 minutes.

Let me say a few words about the Jews. It is basically impossible not to be on contact or working for these people on the daily basis. Jews have the so called "blond complex". No matter where they were born. You can easily identify them. Once I worked for this English Jew. This guy used to bleach his hair blond. He looked exactly like one of the 1930's characters from the Nazi cartoons. He had a very light skin with that Jewish nose and other Jewish features. One day he forgot to bleach his hairy legs. Just imagine...better not.

Another interesting case was this Jewess from Canada. She bleached her hair. But it did not help her because she had this manly face features. Her kids also got the bleached treatment. Insecure people. Funny that when she had a new baby. The child was not blond or had any resemblance to her or her other kids. Too young for the blond chemistry kit.


I understand and wish to continue said...

That blonde thing reminds me of operatives such as Jewlian Asshinge...
BTW..on adifferent subject do you know much about achilles pain/inflamation with no injury??
Cheers A13

Honk Bonk Man said...

Yes, I have some knowledge about Achilles injury. Are you having problems with your Achilles tendon? Maybe you should to try to wear high-heeled shoes during the day. After the pain goes away, you can stop wearing the high-heeled shoes because they keep your calf muscle short.

I understand and wish to continue said...

I wore high heels alot in the past,but not for a long time now, so i will try and see how it goes.
I'm tempted to splash out on a pair of high heel running shoes now, what a good look!

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