Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Monday was a hard day at work. By the end of day I had absolutely nothing left in the tank. I was so tired that I could not even go for a walk. A good day for a day off. It was a long working day.
This afternoon I expected to feel a little better after a day off. I worked long hours again doing some heavy labor work. I was feeling tired but not as bad as yesterday. I was planning in doing some speed session on the bike path. I started with a 15 minutes warm up. My plan was to do a fartlek without timing myself, just running by the feel without any  specific distance or rest. My repetitions were from 2-to-4minutes in duration. Things were going well until the fifth repetition when I started to feel my legs getting tired. I was able to hang in there and do ten repetitions, covering twice the bike path out and back. I finished with a 20 minutes cool down. Total run time: 67 minutes or over 10 miles.

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