Thursday, February 24, 2011


This afternoon, under heavy rain, I ran my daily run. I did not expect such wet day. I ran the usual bike path route, out and back, adding a few minutes on the paved road. Even that it is dark  I can always see a couple people out there running or cycling. My intention was to run for a little longer but the rain was really heavy and to avoid any future injuries I decided to keep it short. Total run time: over 40 minutes.
Yesterday I ran the Oakwood Valley trail loop. I did the loop four times. My legs felt surprisingly good. It is a good short cross country course. I saw the left overs of a deer, or I should say the bones of a deer. It did not take long to find the possible predator. A coyote walked right in front of me. Coyotes are very shy animals but they are good hunters. This one looked very healthy. Total run time: over 40 minutes.


I understand and wish to continue said...

Hi HBM, Just dropping in to say hello,
Cheers A13

Good will prevail said...

I love running in the rain, I know you mentioned it can have negative effects but there is something so invigorating about it.

Honk Bonk Man said...

Yes, me too. It feels very relaxing but sometimes the cold weather can aggravate an injury. And it depends how well dressed you are, you can add a few pounds to carry around. How are your daily runs going?

Good will prevail said...

Very well thankyou, my stamina has also increased considerably in a short space of time.

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