Sunday, February 20, 2011


This morning I got up to a nice sunny day. I was planning to do a ten miles tempo run in my local track. But the track was being used. Second option it was to do a tempo run on the bike path but it was very crowded. So I decided to go for the trails. I started my run by my local track, jumped on the bike path for a quick exited in direction to the trails. I passed Oakwood Valley trail and then to the Ten parking lot. It was so crowded as usual. I started my little tempo run by the Ten parking a lot. It starts with a nice climb of 1.5 miles. This morning I ran it in 11 minutes and 45 seconds. I was trying to follow the ribbon left on trail to mark the yesterday's race. There was a 5miles, 13.1miles, 30K and 50K race the day before. The effort up the first hill was even and I felt surprisingly strong. I have run this part of the course many times before. So the hills keep coming, up and down I go. I hit the lowest spot by the beach in about one hour. This is where I made a wrong turn. I should go right but I went left. I reduced my mileage by about a couple miles based on the original course. I wish I had gone right because I had to climb this long steep hill of about 2 miles to get back in direction where I started my run. It must be the highest point in this course of 2,420ft elevation gain. So to compensate the wrong turn I added the section from the starting point by the Ten parking lot to the local track. I ended up running more than a half marathon. Total run time: 1 hour and 35minutes and 45 seconds for the tempo, and 1 hour and 53 minutes for the total run.

I need to do a little update of my short easy runs for the last couple days. Yesterday, I ran from home to the bike path. Easy run to loose up my legs. I added a few minutes on the bike path and headed back home. Total run time: 36 minutes.

On Friday, I ran the same route from home to the bike path and back, but it was  under heavy and wind. It was just to satisfy  the need to get out there and, at least, put a few minutes on my legs. Total run time: 33 minutes.


I understand and wish to continue said...

Bloody hell, what an effort.
I wish i could run like that...
That far and for that long.
Good on you.
Cheers Mate.

Anon said...

You inspire us to get more exercise!

- Aangirfan

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