Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Source: GNDEM

In more than 90 countries on five continents since 1986, millions of citizens have joined nonpartisan election monitoring efforts to safeguard electoral integrity, help create governmental and political accountability, contribute to mitigating potentials for politically motivated violence and promote the right of citizens to participate in public affairs. The widespread development of nonpartisan election monitoring around the world is tangible evidence of citizen desire for responsive, transparent, democratic governance....
I'm so glad that we have such organizations like NED and GNDEM to make sure that Democracy will spread all over the world. Think about all the benefits that these organizations will provide to these poor people. They will  make sure that fair elections will happen and that these countries will prosper. So all these poor people from the third world will not need to leave their native countries inside of a container or boat and end up in the shores of the USA or Europe. Not to mention all these refugees escaping the situation that they created in these countries. Thanks to all the Jews in NED and GNDEM that made this possible. They dream will become reality.  Enough sarcasm for the day.

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I understand and wish to continue said...

Horay for democracy!!
More Maca's, KFC, K-Mart, space face book,
Glee pee, Lady Gagger, hell whadda we do without it hey?
and thank you to the most "chosen" ones from delivering us from evil.
and Thanks to HBM for pointing this out!
Cheers A13

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