Thursday, February 10, 2011


I have been feeling very tired in the last two days. Yesterday I ran four times the Oakwood Valley trail loop. Easy run starting slowly and gradually increasing the pace. My legs are feeling very heavy. I did not recover well from my long run on Sunday. The Oakwood Valley  trail loop is a nice short loop, cross country style. It starts with a nice climb of about 3/4 of  mile or less and then it turns into a rolling course. It is about 1.3 miles long. Total run time: 41 minutes and 47 seconds.
This afternoon I planned to do a little tempo run. I decided to run the Oakwood Valley trail loop. My initial plan was to run the loop no more than four times. I ran the first loop in 10:24 as an easy warm up. My legs are feeling tired. So I was not very ambitious about how fast I was going to cover the course.  I ran the second loop in 9:19(4:29 for the first hilly section); the third loop in 8:58(4:20); the fourth loop in 8:48(4:18); the fifth loop in 8:48(4:17). And I was feeling good so I decided to run the loop one more time. I ran the sixth loop in 8:52(4:21). I was happy with my tempo run. It was not my best or fastest run in this loop but at this stage I have no complains. I ran this course before four times in 9:25;8:49;8:39;8:39 being my fastest time in this course. Total run time: 55 minutes and 11 seconds or over 7.8 miles.

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