Tuesday, February 1, 2011


On Monday I ran for a few minutes on the bike path. Before I left home I was already feeling my left ITB. It was very tight. I thought I would not have any problems to run  five miles. After five minutes of running I felt a sharp pain in the front of my left knee. It happened for a couple times but eventually it went away. I need to stretch more often. I have negleted my stretching exercises for a few days. To add some variety to my training I did some pull ups. Total run time: 35 minutes.

This afternoon I ran from home to the bike path and back. I had the similar problem with my knee. So I kept things easy. I ran the bike path route out and back and headed back home. I added a few pull ups again. I am getting stronger  in my upper body. I will have to take care of my knee for the next couple days. I might have to take a couple days off. Tomorrow I will have a better idea how bad things are. Total run time: 64 minutes.

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