Monday, February 21, 2011


Book: Laguna
Author: Jack Walters

About the CIA using Mafia hit man
"That is an invention is probably a figment of the imagination of Judith Exner, one of the ex-mistresses of the late President John F. Kennedy. She was trying to inflate her own value and line up a multimillion dollar publishing contract by the claiming that she acted as a go between in negotiations to get Chicago gangster Sam Giancone to kill Fidel Castro. In reality, the CIA sent their personnel three times to assassinate Fidel Castro. Each attempt failed. Fidel was warned in advance of each pending attack by the late US Senator Robert Kennedy, who felt that Castro was the lesser evil, since at his death either Che Guevera or Raul Castro would take his place. He considered both of these men far more dangerous."
 About doing the dirty work for the CIA

 "Don't be too sure of that! We always worked very closely with the CIA until Jonathan Pollard spy case in 1985. One of your office of Naval Intelligence employees of Jewish ancestry was caught red-handed feeding highly-classified data to our Air Force and intelligence services. This cooled relations. The public was told that all the information went solely to Israel. But in reality, a lot of the data ended up going to the KGB to get Jewish dissidents out of Russia. It hurt your country a lot more than the officials will admit. Before Pollard scandal, the CIA used us when they wanted someone in the world terminated with extreme prejudice, as you Americans love to say. You Congress stopped the CIA from doing assassinations. They get around this prohibition by hiring us even now."
About doing business in Nicaragua
"Before the Communist-backed Sandinistas took over there, we used to destroy all the weapons and drugs we seized. Then after the Sandinistas took over in Nicaragua, the CIA approached us and offered to buy all the seized weapons and drugs from us. Of course, we went for the deal because we needed the money. The CIA sent all the weapons directly to the Contra freedom fighters in Northern and Eastern Nicaragua. I'm not sure what happened to the hashih. But I'm sure that the CIA sold it and used the money to finance activities that weren't approved by your Congress or even known to then President Ronald Reagan, supposedly."
About who authorized the drug dealing to buy the arms and supplies for the Contras
"As far as I know, it came right from the top of your government. All I know is that man right below him(Ronald Reagan), know,...old George Bush; yes,...Bush knew all about it. He and old Manuel Noriega were thicker than thieves. They had worked together from the time that he was head of the CIA back in the 1970s. Bush was involved in all the heroin smuggling out of Southeast Asia. When they had to finance another war of clandestine actions, moving the cocaine to the American street gangs was business as usual."

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