Saturday, February 5, 2011


I finished my run 15 minutes ago. After a hard working day where I had to do some heavy lifting of 80 lbs concrete bags, somehow I found energy for my daily run. I had to dig it deep. I ran from home and took the hilly route to the bike path. After running the bike path route out and back, I added some extra short hills by the golf course before I headed back home. My legs answered well. Total run distance: over 9 miles.

Yesterday I did a short run on the bike path. The usual out and back route. I added some extra minutes by the golf course. I even stopped to do some pull ups. My legs felt great. These five plus miles runs are good as recovery runs or when you have injuries. Total run time: around 40 minutes.

My left knee seems to be getting better after a few easy days. It is not really a knee problem but more related to a tight ITB from running on uneven surfaces, specially paved roads. I did not have problems going up and down a few set of steps carrying 80 lbs concrete bag.

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