Sunday, February 6, 2011


Bonk! This is the best word to describe my almost long run. I decided to run around noon. It was not a good idea. Somehow the weather was a little warm than usual. My calorie intake the night before was not very well planned. If I go for a run of two hours or less, I usually don't bring any drink or gel. So around 12:30PM I left my home starting with a nice climb of 3/4 miles. Then I jump on the bike path and after a couple minutes I made a right turn in direction to the Oakwood Valley trail. I ran the loop once and then I headed up this long steep hill. The highest point is about 1,400 ft. When I was half mile from the top, a frontal wind started to suck every bit of energy I had. I made to the top. Going down to the other side, I thought things would get better. But actually things got worse. The wind increased and I felt like I was burning fat as fuel. I pass the parking a lot and run down back to Oakwood Valley trail where my climb started. I head back to the bike path feeling like I was going to pass out. By now I thought the wind was behind. Wrong! I decided to add a few minutes on the bike path, at least half way out and back. I was on fumes. The wind was making my life miserable, plus the lack of calories and heavy legs. I was able to run the last three miles like a zombie and make back home. Total run time: 1 hour, 53 minutes and 46 seconds.

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