Sunday, February 27, 2011


My plan was to do an easy run of no more than 90 minutes. When I was leaving my home I saw this group of cyclists going up this steep road. I was curious about this road. Every Sunday I have seen people riding their bicycles up this road. So I decided to give it a try. It started with nice grade that gradually got steeper.  After a few minutes of climb I ended up in a familiar area. I ran on this area many times before. I went down this seep hill and then I had to climb about 400 steeps to end up by the highway. Then it was all downhill to the tourist area. The access across the creek was closed. So I saw myself running right among the tourists until I tried to enter the park. Some Chinese woman told me to stop because I had to pay a fee of $ 5. to get in. Well, my answer was 'no', thank you. I turned around and kept running to the opposite side. I was running on the highway trying to find an entrance back in the trails. After ten minutes I found the trail entrance across the highway. It was a narrow and muddy trail, dark, like running on a forest. I was not sure where this trail would take me. But I stayed in this trail for awhile. It was a long hilly trail but I felt comfortable running up. After about 15 minutes I started to see the skies and I was almost on the top of this large open area. Things started to look familiar. I passed by two cyclists going downhill. At end of this hill there is gate and I almost twisted my ankle when I stepped on this grass area that was flooded. I crossed the highway and ran a few meters up to another gate where there is a Eucalyptus forest. I went through the gate and started another long climb on this wide fire road. I passed the highest point and then I started a descend that goes through this Eucalyptus forest. After five minutes I was back to the open area and starting another short climb, the last one. Then it was all downhill to the parking lot. I ran by Oakwood Valley trail, jumped on the bike path and headed back home. Total run time: 1 hour and 47 minutes.

Yesterday it was an easy short day. I ran the usual bike path route adding a few minutes on the paved road. I stopped to do some pull ups and a few fast pick ups. My legs felt good. My piriformis muscle is starting to act again. I need to watch it. Injuries, if not treated, will only get worse. Total run time: 40 minutes.

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