Thursday, February 17, 2011


I ran the bike path route out and back adding a few minutes on the golf course. Actually I ran around the golf course four times. We had rain  almost all day. Lots mud on  the trails. My legs felt good, light and ready to race. Usually I see lots people running, jogging and walking their dogs on the bike path. But this afternoon it was almost empty. Not a bad thing because I didn't need to watch for bikes, dogs and joggers.  Total run time: 61 minutes.

So many different species of birds can be seen at this time of year. Birds like: egrets, mallards, geese, seagulls. Mallards are one of the funniest looking birds. They look like an American football. Very funny shape. They are everywhere this time of year. You can see them  where there is a little pocket of water along the road.

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