Sunday, January 30, 2011


To end this week I ran my usual route from home to bike path, out and back and back home. My legs felt good. I was feeling tired all day but somehow I found some energy to do my run. When I left home it was already dark. It is not a bad thing.  I like to run on the dark. You can always hear people walking on the bike path on complete darkness talking on their cell phones. I did not time my last three runs because sometimes you become slave of your watch. It is not a good thing try to run faster than your last run. I just like to run by the "feel". I already know how far I ran so no need to time. GoogleEarth is a good free software that you can download to spy on people or just use it to map your running routes.

This week went like this:

Monday - 32 minutes
Tuesday - 54 minutes
Wednesday - 32 minutes
Thursday - 1 hour and 12 minutes
Friday - 32 minutes aprox.
Saturday - 1 hour and 43 minutes aprox.
Sunday - 56 minutes aprox.

Last year I did at least a couple 100 miles per week. This year I am being very conservative. I am running almost half of last year mileage. I burned out early last year. By middle of march my spring season was over.

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