Saturday, January 22, 2011


Let there be light...Hmmm, let there be non sense...What a great work! Love to watch the sun shining through the trees and bringing life to the critters below.

Good easy run this afternoon. I'm feeling better. No aches and pains to report. I hate to run slow but there is a reason for everything. Or there should be one.  It was 35 minutes of slug fest on the bike path.

Well, I have to remember yesterday. I felt really "heavy" and slow. I ran a little further. Maybe 45 minutes of no concentration, no pace, no rhythm. We all have these days. They come and go. Just like anything else. I ran on the usual bike path course.

I am looking for a long tempo run in the near future. No sure how things will work out. I have to wait and see.

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