Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Great day! I ran my usual 7-8 miles this afternoon. I started slow for the first ten minutes and picked up the pace. I ran 14 times 100-150 meters hard with some short jog in between. My legs felt great. No signs of injuries. The bike path was not so crowded this afternoon. It made things easy. Total run time: 54 minutes or 8 miles.

On Monday I did an easy run on the bike path. My legs were feeling very light. I could have run another hard day but I decided to back off. Usually I feel great after a hard effort. I like to run hard for two days and take easy for three. Total run time: 32 minutes.

I hope I will be ready to race in February. Maybe a 10 mile or 10K race to see how fit I am for the more competitive races during the spring. Last year I had only one good race during the spring. I hope this year things will be different.

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