Saturday, January 29, 2011


I left home around 4:45PM for my daily run. My plan was to run a short recovery run. I was luck that the rain stopped right before I left home. I ran to the bike path and headed on direction to the Ten Beach. I was not feeling well but I was managing to keep an even pace. I passed by Oakwood Valley then the Ten Beach parking a lot and headed to the beach. I turned around by Ten Beach. I passed again by the parking a lot and down to the Oakwood Valley and back to the bike path. I turned right on the bike path and ran to its end, turned around and ran to the other end, turned around and by halfway I exited the bike path and headed back home. It was not my original plan to run over 15 miles but it worked out well.

I will try to have an easy day tomorrow. Maybe I will do some drills. Not sure how well I will recover. My legs were feeling very tired all day. So far it has been a good week. No signs of injuries. But I am having problems to do my tempo run. My tempo run pace is way off.


Good will prevail said...

I am interested in your running progress as I have recently started regular runs but am a long, long way from acheiving 15 miles. I went for a run in the rain yesterday, and was surprised at how invigorating it felt. I may well venture out again today, as the rain is lashing down outside.

Honk Bonk Man said...

If you are just starting to run I recomend that you run every other day. I would say no more than four days per week. Running is about consistency. Run on the rain is fun but you can get injured easily than running during the summertime. Also avoid hard surfaces like the pavement. And make sure that you wear a proper running shoes. You will have to go to a store that sells running shoes and try a few different pairs until you find the one that fits you. It would be a good idea for you to find a race, like a local 5K as your goal race. Running without a goal will cause to overtrain and burn out. The Runner's World website has a lot information and you can sign up to their website. If you want to get more professional information, Let's Run is the most well known running Website. I hope this will help you.

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