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The Merovingian Infiltration - Part V

1120: Hospitallers were given a new face by Raymond of Le Puy, Southern France, which, at his time in history, was just west of, and near the border of the Kingdom of Burgundy; thus, a part of the Southern Midi Pyrenees area with SEPTIMANIA. And the Cevennes Mountains of Le Puy were riddled with Cistercian Monasteries. Additionally, a white-hooded radical militant Brotherhood known as the Capuciati were suppressed there in 1184. Later it was discovered that the head, worshipped by Templars, had written beneath it the words, Caput, very possibly explained by the proximity of the Capuciati of Le Puy to the Kingdom of Burgundy.

This order of Hospitallers was a renewal of the old Military Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem (Bernard of Clairvaux, p 123), of the 4th Century (Guiness) founded by Basil the Great, founder of Eastern monasticism. In 1120, Hospitallers, originally funded by Amalfi merchants of Naples, comprised Augustinian monks. And Naples, traditionally Greek, translates “New City”. Hence, the Hospitaller allegiance would have been to Greek Merovingians who settled in Southern Italy, in Southern France (Septimania), Northern Spain, and the Scandinavian countries, with emphasis on their descent from King Priam of Troy and mindful of their original descent from Meroe of Ancient Abyssinia. More importantly, it would emphasize the Davidian over the Benjamite aspect of the Merovingian bloodline through David’s son, Absalom. This would explain why Septimania called their kings “seed of David”.

1124: Order of St. John is founded in Scotland (Gaels of whom were descendants of)
1190: Teutonic Knights were founded by German Crusader knights in Palestine who set up a hospital in Acre (Age of Faith, Will Durant p. 593) Germany had been part of Austrasia of the early Merovingian Kingdom of the Franks and “Franconia” was still in use in that part of Germany (until the 13th Century). They too, were part of the Sicambrian Franks who came from Pannonia and emphasis would have been on the German only Merovingian line of the Benjamite bloodline, as with the Templars. In looking at the Merovingian trek Spain closed the circle between their original home as a dynasty of Egyptian kings from Meroe of ancient Abyssinia, and their new home in France. And Spain was then populated with Fatimids, who it was that originally set up the Lodge system with its degrees of light (Ibid) and Berbers who promoted the system Thus, the Spanish March united the peoples past and present, both sides of the Pyrenees. The gateway to the Pyrenees is the city of Lourdes which is why the Blessed Mother appeared there to Bernadette, who was named after “Bernard” of Clairvaux !!

Enter history once again Bernard of Clairvaux of Burgundy who wrote the rule of the Templars and got them approved by the Church at the Council of Troyes 1128, during a time of schism in the Church when Celestine II was anti-pope. And the year 1128 just happened to coincide with the marriage of Empress Matilda to Geoffrey Plantagenet of Anjou (Merovingian), the real power behind that Council. Bernard’s own student, a monk then became Eugenius III, during whose papacy Bernard began to preach and call for a Second Crusade, rousing all of Europe to a Crusade which ended in disaster. And his letter to “his pope” persuading this Crusade included the code-words, apple and eye (Bernard of Clairvaux, p 316). By now, Bernard’s voice carried the supreme air of authority in the Christian world, He was even consulted by rulers. He led the struggle pro the papacy of Innocent II who later approved the Franciscan monks [Nicholas deLyra/Cabala]; pro-Emperor Lothaire II (Merovingian); and pro the see of York in England (present day Templars are York rite). Indeed through St. Malachi, Bernard’s bees had cross-pollinated to York with Cistercian monasteries all the way to Armagh. Malachi died in the arms of Bernard and per the symbolic “passing of the cloak”, Malachi was buried in the cloak of Bernard, who likewise was buried in that of Malachi !And both reminisced Antony’s cloak! Including the Children’s Crusade, there would be NINE Crusades in quest of Sion. This Jerusalem Sion Movement would be enhanced 700 years later by another major infiltrator posing Catholic, founder of the Religious of Our Lady of Sion, Ratisbonne who was miraculously converted when a vicious dog appeared to him in a Church just prior to a vision of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. Let it be known emphatically that apparitions of the Mother of God are not preceded by vicious dogs, but, when and if preceded, rather, by St. Michael. Dogs were Merovingian lore, the father of, Clovis, Childeric, having had a vision of his future descendants as “lions, unicorns, leopards, wolves and dogs” (The Merovingian Kingdoms 450-751, Ian Wood, 1994 p 39). It was a troubadour message!

And Ratisbonne wrote the biography of Bernard of Clairvaux! Accordingly, it is included references to “bees”! It was appropriate he chose Bernard, since one of the most read books of his time was the Golden Legend, wherein was written that Bernard’s mother had a dream when she bore him, in which she saw a whelp white in color but reddish on the back barking in her womb. This too was a troubadour message, half white/half red which signified the transmutation from the Spirit of God to the spirit of Satan, the mandate of the first Illuminati and of the Merovingians who were the proud wolves of England (descendants of Wuffa.and named the Wolf People) and the proud dogs of France, who comprised the Romans, who were the dogs of Psalms 22:17, who cast lots for the cloak of Jesus at His Cross. And in support of their “divine bloodline”, the Merovingians kings had claimed to have a red cross birthmark on their backs !! Hence, we understand the true meaning of the dream.

Seemingly, de Voragine had information on Bernard long since concealed, for he tells us that Bernard excommunicated flies and drank blood, saying that it cooled his mouth and throat. The Illuminati, who attend Satanic black masses, also drink blood in their rituals as did the Illuminati founded by Adam Weishaupt of Germany in 1776. This fact is well documented by Heckethorn in “the Secret Societies of All Ages & Countries”p.314.

And leaders of our countries are Illuminati members of this diabolically disoriented Order of wolves in sheeps clothing, who have deceived the world for centuries! In truth, Bernard’s biographer, Theodore Ratisbonne, was great grandson of Cerfbeer, the famous promoter of Jewish emancipation, whose brother had set up the Fathers of Sion in Jerusalem. When he built his first church in Jerusalem, Theodore Ratisbonne named it Ecce Homo! Not Behold God, but Behold Man and that is the conspiracy in a nutshell. And it takes us right back to the serpent in the Garden of Eden who in essence said, No No, God is just afraid if you eat of that forbidden fruit that you will become as knowledgeable as He. Go ahead, eat the apple and you will become just like God and then you will have no need of God. This is the essence of the New World Order, the conspirators of which appropriately chose the five point star, found in the core of an apple cut transversely, and accordingly, named the core of their “New World” operations, the Big Apple. Such is the banality of evil.

Hence, we have the 5 Point Star Conspiracy, which the Blessed Mother has been trying to point out to us. For high in the mountain of Montserrat in the Pyrenees, the Blessed Mother is found as the Black Madonna in a Benedictine monastery ! Black Madonna's are found wherever the conspiracy is found. Accordingly, we simply seek the star. It takes us to another famous legend in which the mother of a Benedictine bishop named Wolfgang whose Feast Day is Oct. 31st, Satan’s day, is said in her pregnancy of him, to have been “carrying a star in her body” (Delaney). The first pilgrim at his chapel was a wolf and Wolfgang is portrayed in art with the devil holding the mass book. It too was a troubadour message : carrying a star in her body 254 the first Jubilee of Israel 254 (the 1998 Masterplan of the 5 point Star Conspiracy)

Wolfgang was a Benedictine of Einsiedein and, sure enough, at Einsiedein is found a Black Madonna. She is pointing out the Black Benedictines, some of whom later became Black Cistercians , both set up as agents of the black goal of Merovingians. But then, no one pays attention to the Blessed Mother. For we have been tricked into thinking we have no need of God’s Son or His Mother by the very same serpent. In the region of Russia that later became Poland is found another Black Madonna. She is the image loved by John Paul II, Our Lady of Czestochowa. Her portrait was brought there by Prince and holy St. Ladislaus during the Tartar invasions when an arrow pierced the throat of the Virgin, which resisted repair. Later, Hussites tried to remove it during a robbery and when the horses refused to move they threw the image to the ground. One drew his sword and inflicted two deep gashes on the face of the Blessed Virgin. Preparing to inflict a third gash, he fell to the ground and writhed in agony until his death. These gashes resisted repair as well (Miraculous Images of Our Lady, Joan Carrol Cruz). They symbolize the hatred propogated by the Brothers towards the Blessed Mother. The connection is that Adalbert, patron saint of Poland was a Benedictine monk, cannonized in 999 and his death was April 23rd (997), feast of St. George, the Crusader saint, a date which will become important in this document. Adalbert was intimate with Otto III, of “the bloodline” and was part of Otto’s scheme for a “renovatio imperii Romanorum” (Butler).

The massive deaths wrought through the NINE Crusades were the work of the serpent inspired Brotherhood, and it was just a start. For in year 1291 Acre fell and the Knights headed home in defeat. Note that the battle of Hattin, which was their real deathblow, took place between July 1st(Canada Day)and July 4th(US Day) and Hattin was located, appropriately, near Magdala, home of Mary Magdalene!
This was truly God’s Justice!

The New World was to be Utopia, a world without kings, popes, Jews or Catholics. The ships, Nino, Pinto, Santa Maria translate “Nine Spot for St.Mary”(Magdalene) which is why the Santa Maria sank ! Columbus was part of the Merovingian heresy. He was married to a Merovingian, a Braganza, and had worked for Rene D’Anjou, one of the many Merovingian Kings of Jerusalem, resulting from the Crusades. The Hospitallers became the Knights of Rhodes, thence the Knights of Malta and controlled the sea from their fortress on Malta which was built in the shape of a 5 Point Star, named Fort St. Elmo (The Cross and the Crescent, M Billings, p 218 )! In 1798 they came under Russian Rule. And Russia now leads the 5 point Star Conspiracy ! But they, as well as knights of Switzerland, home of the original Sion, roam the Vatican !! Hence the main guard of JPII was killed by a Swiss Knight May 4, 1998, the exact date that the Middle East Peace was signed on a Cairo stage in 1994. And the 7th anniversary of that signing is May 4, 2001. Is John Paul II in danger ??? Villa del Priorato di Malta ( Knights of Malta headquarters) 249 Novus Ordo Seclorum 249

I would strongly suggest that John Paul II is in danger, as is Christ’s Church! Let it be known that the daily Sacrifice of the Mass, Christ’s Paschal Sacrifice, meant to endure to the end of the world (1 Corr: 11:26), is the grace without which the world would long ago have self-destructed. For when the Catholic Church stumbles, the world falls. A Godless world is Satan’s agenda and the day we stop consecrating the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ on Roman Catholic altars and join conspiracy WCC thinking, is the day the blood of Nations will shed in the global Chastisement foretold in Scripture. The daily Sacrifice of the Mass is the grace by which God tolerates the sacrileges by which man offends Him! The Secret Brotherhoods and their present successes, are exactly what will bring Christ, Who promised Hell's gates would not prevail against His Church. And these are Hell's gates!

As were these:
The Templars returned to France and became the elite bankers of the country and maintained their fleet of ships at La Rochelle or La Pallice and their preceptories. The ships which explored the New World, Champlain’s etc. left from La Pallice. Columbus left from Barcelona of the Spanish March-Septimania alliance, Pyrenees. Templars were said to have brought back many treasures which Bernard oversaw and which are said to have ended up in the heretical Cathar fortress of Montsegur, later crushed by the Church, preventing the triumph of Satanism in our world. Teutonic Knights of Germany completed the conquest of the Baltics for Germany (1st mainland European home of the Merovingians, Pannonia) and even attempted to take Russia, but failed. They managed to get a foot in Poland but were ousted in 1333. In Germany, they established their headquarters at Marianburg (re: Mary Magdalene) and ruled their preceptories from there. It was they who 1st threw their support to Martin Luther, Augustinian Monk, and not only contrived, but financed the Protestant Reformation. Surviving Templars joined the cause, the Reformation, which effectively took NINE million faithful from the Church Christ founded. This was a Major Home Run for Sion’s knights, the first of which had banded together in 1111 (because of 1:Kings: 11:11).

Christ’s faithful flock were tricked by that Infiltration :
Martin Luther, Augustinian monk, posted his thesis at Wittenburg,
October Thirty First, Fifteen Seventeen = 1111

I wrote, “surviving” Templars , for on October 13, 1307, the Merovingian King of France, and the Merovingian pope (his own cousin) who he installed on the Chair of Peter by having the former pope murdered, arrested the all too wealthy and all too arrogant Templars in France, who, after the Crusades, no longer served any Merovingian purpose. The other Merovingian stronghold, England, was prompted to do likewise. For you see, the Templars had been sold to the world as a Christian organization and had received contributions by Christians throughout the Crusade years, becoming extremely wealthy and powerful. Nothing corrupts like wealth and accordingly, the Templars were accused of Satanic activities ( by their own creators who were Satanists), were then tried, formally dissolved; thence executed. Friday, October 13th became their day of revenge. That is why the present Middle East talks began formally on Oct 13th , 1993. And that is also why the Irish peace became Good Friday peace. All of the world’s conflicts are their clouds with silver lining, the formula to World Chaos, the timeless goal of this ancient Brotherhood. Templars were arrested on Oct 13 1307 and executions began eve of May 13, 1310 which, in Israel, would actually be May 13 as Israel days change 6 PM. Significant is that Our Lady of Fatima appeared May13 to Oct.13 (1917) warning of Russia which had taken over the Knights of Malta (1798). Many of the French Templars who had survived the arrest (1307) went to Scotland; others had naturally joined forces with their former enemies, the Hospitallers, throughout the centuries. Malta knights who came under Russian rule in 1798 would have included this alliance. Later, England and France again became involved with the Knights of Malta. When John XXIII reinstated them in 1961, the British patronized what had become the Protestant contingent, under their mandate of Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table, Windsor Castle, revived as the Order of the Garter in 1348, patron St.George and 1st on the list of sinister Illuminati arms . Catholic/Protestant are a misnomer. They are neither; they are the infiltration of both ; the infiltration of all Christianity. Knights of Malta, now on the smallest of the 7 hills of Rome, are the Red (Communist) harlot of Rev:17, members of which include the world’s “intelligence”agents and cut-outs, many of whom belong also to the Prieure de Sion, creator of the Templars.

Knights of Malta (formerly Hospitallers) run hospitals, morgues and St. John Ambulances which they can delay or not, if ordered. The Order of the Garter,Knights of Malta comprise, with Masons, Rosicrucians, Illuminati, the Great Universal Brotherhood. Malta fortress was a 5 point star; Merovingians built star shaped monasteries (Ian Wood) and there are 5 plans to the 5 point star Conspiracy, ending Dec13, 2002.

September Fourteenth, Thirteen Zero Seven = 463 order to arrest Templars1307
October Thirteenth, Thirteen Zero Seven = 433 arrests 1307
August Twelfth, Thirteen Zero Eight = 395 Commission Instituted 1308
November Twenty Second, Thirteen Zero Nine 466 DeMolay before inquiry 1309
March Twenty Eighth, Thirteen Ten = 345 546 knights to inquiry 1310
April Eleventh, Thirteen Ten = 285 trial 1310
May Twelfth, Thirteen Ten = 271 some knights burned 1310
June Eleventh, Thirteen Eleven = 303 inquiry results to pope 1311
March Twenty Second, Thirteen Twelve = 396 meeting to abolish 1312
April Third, Thirteen Twelve = 301 abolishment announced 1312
May Second, Thirteen Twelve = 285 assets given Hospitallers 1312
March Eleventh, Thirteen Fourteen = 337 GM De Molay burned 1314
4280 15722
Total 4280 + 15722 = 20002 = 2002

The same 2002 !! Notice March 22 is the date they were abolished. It is also the date they held their 1st meeting in the New World (Nova Scotia); and in turn, the date of Hermes death (Akhenaten’s Order), and of Solar Templars/Heaven’s Gate deaths. But it is also the birth date of Lucia of Fatima who was told she would live to see the fulfillment of Fatima, and she is now 94 years old. The fulfillment has to be soon ! The 13th of the 12th month was chosen because it is the date in history that the Jews were to have been annihilated by Hamon, which failed. Note that the date was chosen by lot (lottery) The lottery in my country is Lotto 649. Lot is offset by: The Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary = 649

And there is also this:
Merovingian Childebert III who died in 711, was ordered to draw up a charter by Carolingian Pippin II, a charter which provides evidence that the Carolingian mayors of the palaces dominated the later Merovingian kings, which must have been a source of major embitterment. And the date of that Charter was Dec 13 !!! (695) (The Frankish Kingdoms 751-987, (p.28) by Rosamond McKitterick, who cites Childebert II ; however, the year 695 indicates Childebert III ) The cumulative day counts of the Middle East peace on Dec 13, 2002 yield 17765589. The total begins with 1776, the year the Illuminati was founded in Germany. This is clearly a confirmation of Dec 13, 2002 as the final plan. But it is also a confirmation of the Russian betrayal, the Cross of which has a sum of 20002=2002 Aug.29, 2001!!

Infiltration Chronology Continued:
During the Crusade years, other events at home in France are worthy of our attention. In 1204, Bernard’s Cistercians founded what would later be named a Jansenist center in Port Royal near Versailles. The dark and gloomy pessimism of the Jansenist heresy, given this name later when it was developed by Janssens (d.1698) and condemned by the Church, was a precursor of Calvinism and sparked the conflict between Jansenists and Jesuits. The Illuminati , which formed in 1776, was particularly anti-Jesuit for this reason, among others. And it becomes obvious that the Illuminati was particularly pro the heresy of Jansenism in that the 1st settlement in New World Acadia (Nova Scotia) was named precisely Port Royal, settled by Champlain and De Monts, who were assisted by Don Francisco Columbo, a Knight of Malta (A History of Nova Scotia p 187,308) ! They sailed from La Pallice /LaRochelle of the Templars/Hospitallers. La Rochelle was a port city connected to Plantagenets through Eleanor of Aquitaine. Additionally, when Spanish conquered Mexico, the British Royals, in an attempt to steal Mexican gold from Spanish galleons, set up the pirate system to rob their gold, and these pirates, many of whom were ex-Templars, were set up on an Island which was also named, yes, Port Royal and which was completely destroyed in an earthquake per the Justice of God ! Accordingly, not only did the 1st settlement in New World Acadia(Nova Scotia) bear the name Port Royal after the monastery founded by the Cistercians , but its first monastery was named Petit Clairvaux, after Bernard’s monastery of Clairvaux which was in the Valley of Wormwood.

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