Tuesday, January 18, 2011


...the Merovingian bloodline, a mixture of the Meroites of Ancient Egypt (Meroe of ancient Ethiopia or Abyssinia, some of whom were Benjamites); the Philistine giants with whom they married; the two son’s of Joseph who followed Benjamites into exile following God’s defeat of the Benjamites in the Book of Judges; Amalekites, with whom God said He would war through the ages (Ex:17:16); and many of the descendants of bitter rejected first-borns who had become enemies of God, in particular the Edomites of the House of Esau and Ishmael who became one through Esau’s marriage to Mahalath, the daughter of Ishmael. These comprised the better part of the Red Movement throughout history, which is known to us today as the Brotherhood.

Ethiopia was called the land of Cush by the Israelites and "Meroe " by the Greeks.*4 This is the place of origin of Merovingians, for it was also called land of the Blue Nile (Blue Masons) and land of the Hamites (1st public Masons-Britain wherein Ham comprises the names of numerous towns,cities, counties,plus Buckingham Palace etc).

Below the 5th cataract of the Nile, the ruins of the ancient city of Meroe are still to be found. Over each tomb are pyramids, so many, that it ranks as the land with more pyramids than any other. Of them is written , "Until recently no one realized that the Meroitic pyramids were slightly truncated, flattened off at the top ( exactly like the pyramid on the Great US Seal )....

So many commoners were buried with so many possessions that scholars concluded that ' a cult of the dead dominated the religious life of all Meroe.....'*5 There are numerous such pyramids, 50 to 100 ft. high, and over 60 royal pyramids, which support the local tradition that  "kings always came from Meroe ".

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