Sunday, January 16, 2011


Yesterday I did a short run with a nice climb of 1.5 miles. My legs were a little tired. My left knee is a little sore. The trails are so muddy and I was surprised by the number of people out there. I have never seen so many hikers. It was hard to run an even pace with so many people on the trails. Most of them were trying to find the best spot to avoid walking on the mud. Total run time: 43:33.

This afternoon I ran from home to the bike path. I ran twice the bike path route out and back and added a few minutes around the golf course. The bike path was very crowded. I ran on the outside trying to avoid the pavement. The only problem is that the edge is usually on an angle causing one leg to become shorter than the other, putting too much stress on the ITB.  Usually causes a tight ITB resulting in knee problems. Total run time: 1hour, 32minuts and 48seconds. or over 13.5 miles.

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