Sunday, January 30, 2011


To end this week I ran my usual route from home to bike path, out and back and back home. My legs felt good. I was feeling tired all day but somehow I found some energy to do my run. When I left home it was already dark. It is not a bad thing.  I like to run on the dark. You can always hear people walking on the bike path on complete darkness talking on their cell phones. I did not time my last three runs because sometimes you become slave of your watch. It is not a good thing try to run faster than your last run. I just like to run by the "feel". I already know how far I ran so no need to time. GoogleEarth is a good free software that you can download to spy on people or just use it to map your running routes.

This week went like this:

Monday - 32 minutes
Tuesday - 54 minutes
Wednesday - 32 minutes
Thursday - 1 hour and 12 minutes
Friday - 32 minutes aprox.
Saturday - 1 hour and 43 minutes aprox.
Sunday - 56 minutes aprox.

Last year I did at least a couple 100 miles per week. This year I am being very conservative. I am running almost half of last year mileage. I burned out early last year. By middle of march my spring season was over.

I'm Customized

Like a chance meeting of an umbrella.
And a sewing machine in a a black Impala.
 Mixin' metalflake with a jet propeller.
This monotenous flywheel is the junk of life.
This desire magnito...this is not a pipe.
Prob'bly Picasso painted this pinstripes.
I'm a crazy whim
I'm customized...I can do the swim.
I'm a mag rim.
I'm customized...with the deluxe trim.
I'm customized...not your average Jim.
Too much sex fizz in the love gasoline.
One big wreckage from Bedictine.
Who done wrought this package.
I'll bet Einsteen. I'm customized...I'm moon equipped.
I'm a hot tip.
I'm a buggy whip.
I'm some bad trip.
I'm customized...I'm a rocket ship.

Mars 500 Mission

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I left home around 4:45PM for my daily run. My plan was to run a short recovery run. I was luck that the rain stopped right before I left home. I ran to the bike path and headed on direction to the Ten Beach. I was not feeling well but I was managing to keep an even pace. I passed by Oakwood Valley then the Ten Beach parking a lot and headed to the beach. I turned around by Ten Beach. I passed again by the parking a lot and down to the Oakwood Valley and back to the bike path. I turned right on the bike path and ran to its end, turned around and ran to the other end, turned around and by halfway I exited the bike path and headed back home. It was not my original plan to run over 15 miles but it worked out well.

I will try to have an easy day tomorrow. Maybe I will do some drills. Not sure how well I will recover. My legs were feeling very tired all day. So far it has been a good week. No signs of injuries. But I am having problems to do my tempo run. My tempo run pace is way off.

Seals To Bind Spirits


Friday, January 28, 2011


This afternoon while the world burns I ran a few minutes on the bike path. I even had time to do some pull ups. Lot things go through your mind while you are running. You find inspiration and relaxation. It is an escape from this sick materialistic world that we live in. Just over 30 minutes was enough for a recovery run.

Tutankhamun DNA Leaked

"Jewish Slaves" in Egypt?!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My True Home

Iranian Jews


Another good day! This afternoon I ran  from home to the bike path. After a 13 minutes warm up I ran 2.9 miles in 16:44. Then I added a few more minutes on the bike path. My legs felt great. Total run time: 1hour, 12minutes and 35seconds or 10.5 miles.

Yesterday I ran three times my cross country loop on the Oakwood Valley trail.  My legs were a little sore. Easy run just to loose up my legs. Total run time: 32 minutes.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Great day! I ran my usual 7-8 miles this afternoon. I started slow for the first ten minutes and picked up the pace. I ran 14 times 100-150 meters hard with some short jog in between. My legs felt great. No signs of injuries. The bike path was not so crowded this afternoon. It made things easy. Total run time: 54 minutes or 8 miles.

On Monday I did an easy run on the bike path. My legs were feeling very light. I could have run another hard day but I decided to back off. Usually I feel great after a hard effort. I like to run hard for two days and take easy for three. Total run time: 32 minutes.

I hope I will be ready to race in February. Maybe a 10 mile or 10K race to see how fit I am for the more competitive races during the spring. Last year I had only one good race during the spring. I hope this year things will be different.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blame The Muslims


After a few easy days I ran a little further this afternoon. I left home around 3:15PM heading to the bike path. It was a beautiful sunny day. A very crowded day on the bike path. It was hard to keep my mind concentrated on my run. I was trying to get around the cyclists, walker, dogs, joggers, etc. I was planning to do a little speed session. Maybe a tempo run or a fartlek. I started at a very fast pace and it did not take very long for reality to sink in. I hit the first mile in 5:15 and I already knew that I was done with my tempo run. So I backed off and regrouped to find a way to save my speed session by concentrating on some short efforts with more rest. So I did a few 1 to 2 minutes at 90% effort where I did not have to fight my way through the crowd. I ran twice the bike path course and headed back home. Total run time: 1hour and 27 minutes or over 12.5 miles.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Let there be light...Hmmm, let there be non sense...What a great work! Love to watch the sun shining through the trees and bringing life to the critters below.

Good easy run this afternoon. I'm feeling better. No aches and pains to report. I hate to run slow but there is a reason for everything. Or there should be one.  It was 35 minutes of slug fest on the bike path.

Well, I have to remember yesterday. I felt really "heavy" and slow. I ran a little further. Maybe 45 minutes of no concentration, no pace, no rhythm. We all have these days. They come and go. Just like anything else. I ran on the usual bike path course.

I am looking for a long tempo run in the near future. No sure how things will work out. I have to wait and see.


Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pelvic Biomechanics

Better performance is achieved by consistent training, and workout time lost due to injury will make reaching your goals much harder. This months performance tip centers on injury prevention. Given that overuse injuries are very common in runners, the early recognition of factors that predispose to injury is very important. The first concept to appreciate is that overuse injuries are the result of small amounts of damage summed up over a long period of time. A slight deviation in motion or strength can, over time, lead to a big problem. You may be happily running along for weeks or months without noticing anything, but the injury is slowly developing. When it does finally hit often the underlying problem goes undetected. After all, why would you suspect your foot to be the cause of your back pain?

Although there are many possible areas of abnormal biomechanics, a common one, sometimes overlooked, is the pelvis. Abnormal pelvic motion during running can put undue strain on a variety of structures and lead to overuse problems. However, before you begin cursing your pelvis, understand that sometimes abnormal pelvic motion is merely a result of a problem elsewhere. Looking at, and correcting, abnormal pelvic motion can help you discover these hidden problems.
To appreciate the abnormalities that may occur in running, picture a box around the pelvis (fig.). The two most common situations are,
  1. the pelvis is tilted forward (anterior tilt); slightly rotate the box forward
  2. one side of the pelvis is lower than the other (lateral tilt); slightly tip the box to one side.

Each of these abnormalities has its own specific range of problems, and sometimes both can occur.

So how do you find out if you're experiencing abnormal pelvic biomechanics? There are several clues to explore. Look at the wear on your shoes, if it is asymmetric, then you know that one leg is doing something different. This may not involve the pelvis but it is a consideration. Try this simple test. Perform a one leg squat, first with one leg and then the other. Go down to about a 90-degree bend in the knee. Watch yourself in the mirror. If balance is harder, or you find that one side seems weaker, tight, painful, or less coordinated, then you need to look more closely at pelvic biomechanics. If you have experienced any of the overuse injuries listed in the table, then you should definitely consider pelvic biomechanics.

To look specifically at what is happening requires outside assistance. An experienced running coach or runner can look at your form and give you feedback. Because some abnormalities are very subtle, video taping is often quite helpful. Once the abnormality is identified, then hunt for the associated tight or weak muscles, and/or related problems (e.g. overpronation, leg length discrepancy, etc...) and fix it.

Anterior Tilt

Associated Injuries
 1.) Low back pain
2.) hamstring strain
3.) patellar tendinitis
4.) patellofemoral syndrome
And if the angle of gait is widened,
lower leg problems such as shin pain
Potential Cures

A) Abdominal muscle strengthening
B) Stretching and strengthening of gluteal muscles, hip external rotators, hip flexors, and hamstrings
C) Balance and retraining (e.g. one-leg squat)

Posterior Tilt

Associated Injuries
 1.) iliotibial band friction syndrome
 2.) low back pain -- usually one sided
3.) adductor (groin) strains
4) lateral hip pain
Potential Cures

A) Look for leg length difference, overpronation in one foot, etc. and consider orthotics to correct.
B) Stretching and strengthening of hip adductors, abductors, extensors, and ext. rotator muscles.
C) Balance and retraining (e.g. one-leg squat)
One of the best exercises for runners, whether recovering from an injury or trying to prevent one, is the one leg squat.
  • Strengthen stabilizers (e.g. adductors)
  • Improve balance
  • Enhance pelvic stability
  • Demonstrate areas of weakness or instability


Balance on one leg. Flex the knee of your non-weight bearing leg so that the foot is pointing toes down, behind you. This is a similar position to the recovery phase in running.

  1. Keep the arms loosely out to the side to assist in balance. Don't grab on to anything for support.
  2. Bend at the knee, and lower yourself. Go down to approx. a 90-degree bend at the knee, and then back up again.
  3. Keep your balance, and observe if you have more difficulty with one leg.
  4. Watch yourself in a mirror. Concentrate on keeping the pelvis in a stable plane. Look for an abnormal side-to-side tilt, or ant/post tilt.
  5. Usually, 3 sets of 20 for each leg is sufficient 
  6. As you get better at this, add some weight. You can do this with hand held weights, or a bar across the shoulders


After a day off I did a short easy run this afternoon. My left knee was showing some signs of injury. But to make things worse, my low back started going bad. So it was a good thing to take some time off. My legs felt great this afternoon. I felt very "light", but a little tight. I ran for about 20 minutes and then I did some pick ups of 20 to 40 seconds during the last 15 minutes.

I used to run for months without a day off. But things change as you get old and have a regular job. You have to listen to your body and try  to adapt your training to your daily life.  The main problem is the recovery and intensity of your runs. You have to keep the aerobic phase relatively short and concentrate more in the speed and strength. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This afternoon I did an easy short run from home to the golf course and back. I did ten pull ups and some exercises for about five minutes and headed back home. My left knee is a little sore. My quads are tight again and when that happens, everything goes bad. So I decided to back off and see how I'll feel tomorrow. Total run time: 33 minutes.

Yesterday I ran the usual route from home to the bike path out and back, and back home. My legs felt good but my left knee is sending a message. Better listen and back off. Injuries usually don't get better if you don't listen to your body. Good recovery run. I'm feeling "light" and ready to race. Total run time: 56 minutes or around 7.7 miles.

The Jews as Founders of Freemasonry

“To unmask Freemasonry” — said Leo XIII — “means to conquer it.” When we lift its mask, then every honest mind and every Christian heart will turn away from it with revulsion; and through this fact alone will it fall, completely destroyed and detested particularly by those who obey it. The learned scholar and Jesuit Monsignor Leon Meurin, S.J., Archbishop, Bishop of Port-Louis, shows us in his so very richly authenticated work, “Clarification of Freemasonry”, with crushing authority that the Jews are the founders, organisers and leaders of Freemasonry, which they use to attain world domination, in order to destroy the Holy Catholic Church and the remaining existing religions. Among the attested literature that he presents in this connection appear several quotations, which we mention in the following:

“The First Highest Masonic Council was, as we have already said, formed on 31st May 1801 in Charleston, 33 degrees northern latitude, under the chairmanship of the Jew Isaac Long, who was made inspector general by the Jew Moses Cohen, and who had received his degree from Hyes, from Franken, and the Jew Morin.”2

“The Jews were thus the founders of the First Great Council, which was to transform itself into the middlepoint of world Freemasonry. And they placed it in America, in a city chosen exactly on the 33rd parallel, Northern Latitude. The successive head has lived in Charleston since 1801. In the year 1889 this was Albert Pike, whom we have already mentioned in his circular letter of 14th July 1889, the famed anniversary and tercentenary.

“He assumes the title of each of the 33 degrees and in addition adds the following:
“Most mighty and all-highest Commander, Grand Master of the Supreme Council of Charleston, first highest council of the globe, Grand Master and preserver of the holy Palladium, all-highest Pontifex of world Freemasonry.

“With these pompous titles he published his circular letter in the one and thirtieth year of his Pontificate, supported by ten high dignitaries, most enlightened and most sublime brothers, rulers, grand-general inspectors, chosen magi, who form the most illustrious grand collegium of ancient Freemasons, the council of the chosen troops and of the holy battalion of the Order.”3

“The circular letter enumerates the 23 highest councils, which previously were directly ‘created’ through that of Charleston and are dispersed over the entire world. Then it lists the hundred Grand Orients and Grand Lodges of all rites which are connected with the highest Council of Charleston as the all-highest power of Freemasonry; the exclusive rite of the Jews. For example, the Grand Orient of France, the General Council of the Rite of Mizraim, the Grand Council of the Freemason Oddfellows, etc. From the preceding we must conclude that Freemasonry all over the world is one in countless forms, however, under the supreme direction of the all-highest Pontifex of Charleston.”4
“The rites and symbols of the Freemasons and of the other secret sects remind one constantly of the ‘Cabbala’ (secret Jewish mystique) and Jewry: The reconstruction of the temple of Solomon, the star of David, the seal of Solomon; the names of the different degrees, as for example, Knight Kadosh. ‘Kadosh’ means in Hebrew ‘holy’; Prince of Jerusalem, Prince of Lebanon, Knight of the serpent of Airain, etc. And does not the prayer of the English Freemasons, which was recorded in an assembly held in 1663, recall Judaism in a most clear manner?”5

“Finally the Scottish Freemasons made use of the Jewish calendar; for example, a book, which was written by the American Freemason Pike6 in the year 1881, is dated ‘Anno mundi 5641’. At present this calendar is retained only in the highest degrees, while the Freemasons in general add four thousand years to the Christian calendar, and not 3760 like the Jews.”7

The clever Rabbi Benamozegh writes the following:
“Those who wish to make the effort to examine the questions of relations between Jewry and philosophic Freemasonry, between Theosophy and the secret doctrines in general, will lose a little of their arrogant despisal of the Cabbala (Jewish Mysticism). They will cease to smile contemptuously at the idea that the ‘Cabbalistic’ theology perhaps has to fulfil a mission in the religious re-shaping of the future.”8

“Who are the true leaders of Freemasonry? This is one of the secrets of the sect, which is very carefully kept; but one can assert that Freemasonry all over the world develops in agreement with one and the same plan; that its methods are always and in all parts identical, and that the aims pursued are permanently the same. This occasioned us to believe that a uniform middlepoint exists, which directs all movements of the Sect.

“Further on we will touch upon this question; however, here let us recall that ‘Carta de Colonia’, dated 24th June 1935, speaks of a director of Freemasonry: the Grandmaster or patriarch, who, although known by very few brothers, exists in reality; and Gougenot des Mousseaux points out that ‘this choice of the Order, these real directors, whom only a very few initiates know, exercise their function in useful and secret dependency upon the Israelite Cabbalists (Mystics)’ (page 338-339) and that the true directors of Freemasonry are the friends, the helpers and the vassals of the Jew to whom they do homage as their highest Lords. The same judgment is shared by Eckert, Drumont, Deschamps, Msgr. Jouin, Lambelin and other savants of Freemasonic and Jewish questions”.9

Let us leave the dogmatic teachings of the Freemasons and Jewry to one side and let us examine the alliances between both from the purely practical and realistic standpoint. If one proceeds logically, one cannot avoid drawing the conclusion which is formulated by L. de Poncins in “The Secret Powers Behind Revolution.”

“The manifoldness of Freemasonry, its permanence, the inalterability of its goals, which are completely explicable since it is a question of a Jewish creation to serve the Jewish interests, would be completely incomprehensible if its origin were of a Christian nature.

“Even the purpose in itself of Freemasonry, namely the destruction of Christian civilisation, reveals to us the Jew, for only the Jew can draw advantage from it, and the Jew alone is inspired by a sufficiently violent hatred towards Christianity to create such an organisation.”

Freemasonry”, continues de Poncins, “is a secret society and is directed by an international minority. It has sworn Christianity an irreconcilable hatred. These three characteristics are exactly the same as those that describe Jewry and represent the proof that the Jews are the leading element of the lodges.”10

Already in 1867 the “permanent international league for peace” came into existence, and its secretary, the Jew Passy, outlined the ideas of a court of justice, to settle all conflicts between the nations without appeal.11
The newspaper “The Israelite Archive” dreamed of a similar court of justice in the year 1864. “Is it not natural and necessary” — wrote a certain Levy Bing — “that as soon as possible we see erected an additional court of justice, and in fact a highest court of justice, to whom the great open conflicts and the quarrels among the nations are submitted, which in the last instance passes judgment, and whose last word is given powerful weight? This will be the word of God, which is uttered by his first-born sons (the Hebrews), and before which the general rest of mankind will bow in respect before our brothers, our friends and our pupils.”12

These are the dreams of Israel. As always they accord with those of Freemasonry. The “Freemasons calendar” writes:
“When the Republic has been set up in the whole of old Europe, Israel, as ruler will rule over this old Europe.”13

At the world congress of Jewish youth, which was held on 4th August 1928, H. Justin Godard announced that the Jews were the firmest supporters of the League of Nations, which had to thank its existence to them.”14 The Jew Cassin gave more exact information:
“The rebirth of Zionism is the work of the League of Nations. Through it the Jewish organisations place themselves as defenders of the League of Nations, and therefore Geneva swarms with representatives of the ‘chosen people’.”15

The most venerable Cardinal Jose Maria Caro R., Archbishop of Santiago and Primate of Chile, also proves, in his authoritatively supported work “The Secret of Freemasonry”, that it is the Jews who direct this sect, in order to rule the world and to destroy Holy Church. In connection with its origin he affirms:
“The Freemasonic rite clearly betrays its Jewish origin: the symbols, which begin with the Bible itself; the coat of arms upon which an attempt is made to explain the different forms of the Cherubim described by Ezekiel in his second poem, an ox, a man, a lion and an eagle; the two pillars of the Freemasonic temple in remembrance of the temple of Solomon; the rebuilding of the temple which is the work of the Freemasons, etc. The reading matter and the handbooks, which in greater part are taken from the Bible, they turn almost always towards Freemasonic taste, especially the legend of Hiram, which plays an important role in the Freemasonic rite.

“The customary words and expressions, like the names of the pillars ‘Boaz’ and ‘Jachin’, the words of knowledge and of admittance: Tubalcain, Shibboleth, Giblim or Moahon, Nekum or Nekam, Abibalc, etc; the importance, which is allotted to numbers, a matter very original to the Cabbala, all these are further proofs of the Cabbalistic influence on Freemasonry.

“Finally the facts, the rule of terror, the outbreak of Satanic hatred against the Church, against our Lord Jesus Christ, the terrible blasphemies against God that the revolutionary Freemasons perpetrated in France, are nothing more than the expression and the fulfilment of the Cabbalistic and secret sects, which already for several centuries have fought secretly against Christianity. What the Jewish Bolshevists to greatest part do in Russia against Christianity, is only another edition of the deeds of the Freemasons in the French revolution. The executioners are others; however the doctrine that motivates and empowers them and the supreme leadership are the same.”16


...the Merovingian bloodline, a mixture of the Meroites of Ancient Egypt (Meroe of ancient Ethiopia or Abyssinia, some of whom were Benjamites); the Philistine giants with whom they married; the two son’s of Joseph who followed Benjamites into exile following God’s defeat of the Benjamites in the Book of Judges; Amalekites, with whom God said He would war through the ages (Ex:17:16); and many of the descendants of bitter rejected first-borns who had become enemies of God, in particular the Edomites of the House of Esau and Ishmael who became one through Esau’s marriage to Mahalath, the daughter of Ishmael. These comprised the better part of the Red Movement throughout history, which is known to us today as the Brotherhood.

Ethiopia was called the land of Cush by the Israelites and "Meroe " by the Greeks.*4 This is the place of origin of Merovingians, for it was also called land of the Blue Nile (Blue Masons) and land of the Hamites (1st public Masons-Britain wherein Ham comprises the names of numerous towns,cities, counties,plus Buckingham Palace etc).

Below the 5th cataract of the Nile, the ruins of the ancient city of Meroe are still to be found. Over each tomb are pyramids, so many, that it ranks as the land with more pyramids than any other. Of them is written , "Until recently no one realized that the Meroitic pyramids were slightly truncated, flattened off at the top ( exactly like the pyramid on the Great US Seal )....

So many commoners were buried with so many possessions that scholars concluded that ' a cult of the dead dominated the religious life of all Meroe.....'*5 There are numerous such pyramids, 50 to 100 ft. high, and over 60 royal pyramids, which support the local tradition that  "kings always came from Meroe ".

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Yesterday I did a short run with a nice climb of 1.5 miles. My legs were a little tired. My left knee is a little sore. The trails are so muddy and I was surprised by the number of people out there. I have never seen so many hikers. It was hard to run an even pace with so many people on the trails. Most of them were trying to find the best spot to avoid walking on the mud. Total run time: 43:33.

This afternoon I ran from home to the bike path. I ran twice the bike path route out and back and added a few minutes around the golf course. The bike path was very crowded. I ran on the outside trying to avoid the pavement. The only problem is that the edge is usually on an angle causing one leg to become shorter than the other, putting too much stress on the ITB.  Usually causes a tight ITB resulting in knee problems. Total run time: 1hour, 32minuts and 48seconds. or over 13.5 miles.

Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome

The Iliotibial Band(ITB) is a tough group of fibers that run along the outside of the thigh. The gluteal muscles and the tensor fascia lata muscle attach to the top, and the lower part attaches to the tibia, just below the knee. It functions primarily as a stabilizer during running and can become irritated from overuse. Runners will usually describe pain on the outside part of the knee or lower thigh, often worsened by going up or down stairs, or getting out of a car.

Predisposing factors:

Training error: some runners make the mistake of only running on one side of the road. Most roads are higher in the center and slope off on either side. The foot that is on the outside part of the road is therefore lower than the other. This causes the pelvis to tilt to one side and stresses the IT band.

Abnormal biomechanics: the biomechanical abnormalities that may lead to IT band problems are, excessive pronation of the foot, leg length discrepancy, lateral pelvic tilt, and "bowed" legs. Tight gluteal or quadriceps muscles may also contribute. Video tape analysis is a great tool for uncovering biomechanical problems.

Side View
1. Place the right leg behind the left.
2. Bend at the waist, leaning over a support, such as a desk or counter.
3. As you bend the left knee, slide the right leg out away from your body. Keep the right knee straight.
4. Bend your body toward the right leg.
You should feel a stretch along the outside of the right thigh.

Front View
If you lean your upper body towards the leg you are stretching, then this will better stretch the IT band. In the example, the figure would bend (at the waist) to the right side of the screen. (the figure's left hand side)


  • Relative rest
  • Ice massage
  • Addressing any biomechanical or training errors
  • Gentle stretching: when doing the IT band stretch the "pulling" sensation is usually felt along the mid to upper thigh. Don't worry if this doesn't seem to exactly hit the site where the pain occurs. The IT band is a long structure and the goal is to get it to loosen and lengthen.
  • Gentle stretching of the gluteal muscles

Prevention of the IT band syndrome:
  • Run on a level surface or alternating directions on the road
  • A balanced approach to training which allows for rest and recovery
  • Preventive stretching
  • Strengthening the external hip rotators: this is achieved by doing sets of one leg squats in front of a mirror. Watch pelvic alignment to ensure that one side does not drop.
  • Orthotics
Source: Injury Clinic

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Merovingian Infiltration - Final

Not to be outdone, it is exactly 10 years ahead of Henry VIII’s Act of Supremacy enabling England to take the flock from Christ’s Church (rules, 1,10, 100, 1000 ahead). For you see Merovingians and their Brotherhood believe numbers have great power. They have been told this directly from the horse’s mouth, throughout centuries of black Satanic masses which began in Kiev, Ukraine Russia and now are held in Geneva, Victoria B.C and the Great Pyramid of Gizeh. Notice they are Satanic black “masses”, in imitation of Christ’s Church. Apparently evil knows which Church is God’s. It’s the flock who do not . The queen is the titular head of British Freemasonry, itself head of World Freemasonry. The church of England is a Masonic Stronghold. And this is what Freemasonry is up to—the elimination of God’s two Covenant peoples! The Committee of 300 of Britain is the secular leader, and it answers to the Royals. I began this section with the story of Baldazzar Cossa, whose gravestone gave us 666. This Masonic pope, the first John XXIII goes down in Church annals as an anti-pope. Why then, did John XXIII of our century take the same name as an anti-pope? Why did he take the same name, period ? No Pope has ever done so before ! And it happens that the same year Angelo Roncalli became John XXIII of Rome, a Navigator had just become John XXIII of Sion. A perfect double!

Angelo Roncalli began his papacy by saying “I am your brother Joseph”, and Joseph was Benjamin’s brother. It was a troubadour message . And as a result of Vatican II, which he called in1962, the Mass was changed by his successor PAUL VI , the get-even name, (Paul Benjamite Apostle) of this Brotherhood, as discussed earlier, and containing one 6 of their 666)). Under Paul, and enabled by Vatican II, the Mass was changed to:

Novus Ordo Missae the ecclesiastic equivalent of Novus Ordo Seclorum (New Order of the Mass) ( New World Order)

And more than left during the Protestant Reformation, now left the RC Church. John XXIII did not live to see the results of his Vatican II , for he died the very next year, 1963. And so did John XXIII of Sion !! God’s twofold Justice ! For the same infiltrators, the Brotherhood, who used his papacy for their goals, also planned the assassination of the 1st and only Catholic US President, J. F. Kennedy, in this same year. Observe :

“The assassination of Roman Catholic President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Dallas Texas, November Twenty Second, Nineteen Sixty Three” = 1307 (1307, the get-even year of the arrest of the Templars) !!
Not only did the Catholic President die in 1963, but the Jewish President as well. Hence, the presidents of the two Covenants of God ! And the Jewish President, Itzhak Ben Zvi, died on April 23, the Feast of St. George, the red-cross knight, patron of the English Templars who took as their war cry during the Crusades, “St. George for Merry England”.

Yithak Ben Zvi was a Russian Zionist and founder of the underground Haganah. When he died at age 79, on the Feast of St. George, the Brotherhood couldn’t resist taking out the other. One of the leaders of God’s Covenants had died, and he was born on Nov. 24 It was perfect for the other one to die–exactly 3 days prior Nov. 22 Accordingly, President John F. Kennedy = 241 was assassinated Nov.22 Thence, The Warren Commission = 241 was a set up investigation.

Appropriately, Johnson (John’s son) a 33rd Degree Mason, persuaded Earl Warren to head the Warren Commission, for Warren had banned prayer in public schools. Not only this, but Earl Warren was a 33rd Degree Mason of the Brotherhood also! Thence began a whole series of Camelot analogies, for the Brothers are Camelot. This is the way they brag to one another about their “accomplishments”; this, in accordance with the ancient practice of sending Troubadours with numerically precise messages from land to land and sea to shining sea. For they are the shining brothers of the land of Shinar of Genesis 10:10, a land which later became Canaan after which Canada was named, for it was to have been a Knights of Malta Utopia. But the other faction, the Templars, won out, so the USA became Shinar; thence, off to Charlottetown to rob the Great Silver Seal which became the Great US Seal.

Prince Edward Island had been also appropriately, named St. John’s Island. This, from the story as told by author, Roland Sherwood, “It was the first year of the American Revolution, but St. John’s Island never had any cause to worry… But then… one morning …on the 17th of November, in 1775, the citizens of Charlottetown awoke to find rebel vessels in the harbor. …Breaking into the home of Phillips Callbeck, the rebels …rifled chests, looted clothes closets…began to search the town for the wife of Phillips Callbeck. She was the enemy, they shouted…and they would slit her throat…..But Mrs. Callbeck was not to be found. …Breaking into Government House, the invaders stole public and private papers and carried off the great silver seal of the province”. Legends Oddities and Facts from the Maritime Provinces, Roland H Sherwood, pp16,17 “Slitting of throats” is part of the jargon of the ritual of the Brotherhood, per their handbook, of which every Mason has a copy. It is clear that it was the Brotherhood who entered Charlottetown Harbor in 1775 to take the Great Silver Seal which was the symbol of the New World Order Masterplan. Accordingly, Confederation of Canada took place in Charlottetown and accordingly, US Presidents and Canadian PM’s, including Jean Chretien, became Builderbergers, the most important octopus organization of the Committee of 300, and of the Illuminati, for it is Builderbergers who plan all World Chaos, racial, sectarian, religious and military.
Again, unique to the Order of the Garter, Windsor Castle, is St. George its patron !

The order was founded 1348 by Edward III, the Black Prince, and a Plantagenet Merovingian ! In its history 36 knights have been beheaded (1+ 2+ 3 to 36 = 666 )! Winston Churchill, responsible for the mass burial of 16,000 Catholic Croatians on May 15, 1945, and more who died in marches (Mejugorje Under Seige, D.Manuel p.p 61-62), was inducted into this order appropriately in Gizeh Pyramid year 1953, preparation year for N.W.O. determined by the “Pyramid Inch” timeline. The date of this Croatian massacre is the clue we need. For you see the 1st attempt at N.W.O. was to begin on Dec.10, 1998 the Biblical Jubilee of Israel, a day marked by God as such, for Dec 10 is day 344 of our calendar year and only in 1998, this anomaly is found:

December Tenth, Nineteen Ninety Eight = 344 (Tribulation for Jews was to begin with 3 days darkness prior to Dec. 13th)

 But look at this:
May Fifteenth, Nineteen Forty Five = 344 (16,000 Catholic Croatians mass burial) Hence we see how Churchill earned his membership into the Order of the Garter ! And why the occupants of Windsor Castle, home of the horse stalls chapel of “St.” George, share this very unlikely anomaly:

Prince Philip Mountbatten of Greece = 344
born on June Tenth, Nineteen Twenty One = 344 (double headed)
Sons: Prince Charles Arthur Philip George = 344
Prince Andrew Albert Christian Edward = 344 (double headed)
The Royal Secret, the Royal Family = 344

The Masonic secret is a Royal secret. That secret is the heretical “divine” bloodline! And the Windsors are Merovingian to the apple’s core. A Blue Garter (for Blue Masons, meaning Merovingian code word, Blue Apples) was the basis of the name, Order of the Garter. It fits perfectly with core of the apple, the basis of the 5 Point Geographical Star Conspiracy. (See Addendum I )
[Editor: See: Heeding Bible Prophecy: Ten Kingdoms: 10.B; Synagogue of Satan: 15.B; Babylon Destroyed: 13.C]

And just like the Satanists who accused Templars of being Satanists and had them executed, so too these Garter Satanists have a motto, “Evil to him who thinks evil of it”. I, for one, can find no reason to think good of it ! In fact, through George, Mary has pointed to the conspiracy! For members of this order are Committee of 300 which is controlled by the royals. As for evil, Diana’s death is one of the many. I previously wrote of the troubadour message the Brothers aired on TV (Addendum VII old site) re: her death. And the language provides this additional clue for us:

Balmoral Castle Scotland = 222
We need only add the date of Diana’s death :
Balmoral Castle Scotland, August Thirtieth, Nineteen Ninety Seven = 666

The Order of the Garter are Brothers with the Protestant branch of the Knights of St. John aka Templars aka Malta Knights and they run ambulance services !! This dear people is the Brotherhood. They adopted St. George as an alternative to St. Michael, God’s warrior who saves His Jewish people. It is they who brought the 7 year Tribulation, along with the Committee of 300, the underground Britain-US government. They established its perimeters on the 1998 Masterplan, precursor plan, complete with Oklahoma, by counting back the 1335 days of Dan:12:12 from Dec.13, (Nineteen Ninety Eight 222); then, poured out Tribulation in what they “deemed to be lesser countries”. Read of Haarp and of the Committee of 300! This world has not been in crisis because of “Acts of God”. Its been in crisis because of technology developed by this Brotherhood, technology which can create the storms, floods and earthquakes that the world has been plagued with the last 7 years, technology invented by Nicholas Tesla. This technology was fully developed by Russia. Haarp is the US effort to catch up. As for the latest crisis, I’m inclined to believe the slaughter of sheep in the UK is troubadour message prefiguring the slaughter of God’s sheep. Brothers are proud to be goats on Christ’s left. And this is exactly how this Brotherhood operate! Hoof and mouth disease poses no threat to humans. In India, cows are continually in the state of hoof and mouth disease and meat is sold per usual, as recently aired on the BBC news. Notice it is mostly SHEEP that are being slaughtered in Britain. For the Red Cross on Britain’s Union Jack is that of St. George.

And a great Masonic chuckle was had by all --in this pathetic Brotherhood who are “ordaining Tribulation” and arranging the world’s future in accordance with their ancient Plan of the Ages, the Masterplan, “Order through Chaos” ! The future of the world has been fully planned by evil !

It may even mean, mitigate both crosses planned in 2001 and that in 2002, since the first full position on the calendar in which all crosses begin to form is Apr.26. Russia heads the Triple Cross and both of the 5 Point Star Conspiracy Crosses, 2001 and 2002. Per Addendum I, the star is inverted only when viewed from Russia. And the inverted pentagram (star) is Satan’s symbol in the occult world. Russia is the scapegoat of the Committee of 300, as a result of the British-Russian relations established by Rothschilds (Red Shield). Rothschilds are secular Jews, anti-the religious Jews . Originally from Germany, they own British and world banks and have been one of the many behind this Conspiracy for centuries. They made their fortune through William of Hesse, ancestor of Prince Philip. Its all very inter-connected, this Merovingian plot. For you see, April 23 also happens to be the Grand Festival in Freemasonry, celebrating their Articles of Union, a union of the Antients and the Moderns (Facts on File p 181), as the two aspects of Freemasonry are named. It is also the date Timothy McVeigh was born, one more reason to suspect the involvement of this Order of the Garter with their patron George. For the Oklahoma bombing marked start of New World Order Tribulation in the New World, just as Russia’s cross marks doom for Israel, very possibly in April. For the legend of St. George, the Red Cross Knight, included the belief that he would one day return to merry “April England” !! (Patron Saints of the British Isles, R F Heath). There is also a prophesy by a king that when the next William shall ascend the throne of England, then shall the Monarchy end. William, son of Charles and Diana, is the first royal able to claim lineage from EVERY ENGLISH KING who left DESCENDANTS hence, all aspects of the Merovingian bloodline, MEANING BOTH PROTESTANT AND CATHOLIC PRETENDERS. FOR THAT IS WHAT MEROVINGIANS WERE. They are coded the “apples and oranges” of the conspiracy.

Accordingly, when the Merovingian Normans took England in 1066, they did so at the Hoar Apple Tree which had always been known as Mountjoy !! In accordance with this, when the Brotherhood went public in 1717, they did so after a meeting at the Apple Tree Tavern. The star in the core of the apple, the basis of the 5 Point Star Conspiracy, Masonic Plan of the Ages. Caldbeck Hill, site of the Hoar Apple Tree, so-named for Mary Magdalene by the honey sweet Merovingian bees, was called Mountjoy because William the Conqueror had erected there a cairn of stones known as a mountjoy to commemorate the battle. The setting up of a mound of stones as a memorial was a Jewish custom, as for example, the memorial set up between Jacob and Laban symbolizing the battle between the One God of Jacob and the 360 gods of Laban (Gen: 31:45-54) and the mound set up at the Jordan by Joshua symbolizing the 12 Tribes of Israel (Josh: 4:1-9). This carried over into Masonic rites whereby mounds of stones were set up over Masonic graves as was the case when David’s rebel son, Absolom died per 2 Sam:18:17. His mound of stones was the basis of the Norman Carolingian-Merovingians.

The King David’s of Scotland also derived from this background and the stewards who overthrew them became Stuarts of England, the Catholic Pretender kings, the illegitimate son of the last, being not only the founder of Scottish Rite Freemasonry but a Navigator of the Big Apple, the Prieure de Sion. Indeed mounds of stones were even set up on mountain tops in order to make of them perfect pyramids. Commagene Mountain of kings (History I) is an example. Thus, we see that the Merovingian Brotherhood began as a Semitic organization who were anti-Semitic (anti-the religious Jews) and gradually came to include the Protestants who were anti- Catholic. The latter are the oranges; hence the Orangemen marches in Catholic Ireland. And related to the British royals and partner in conspiracy with Russia, is Spanish king, Juan Carlos who now holds the Knight’s Templar Crusade title, King of Jerusalem. An Opus Dei product, he began his rule on the same day…

The Merovingian Infiltration - Part VII

The bottom line is that Dagobert II was the only male descendant of Sigibert III. His sister could not ascend the throne because of Salic Law, created by the Merovingian's themselves, which prevented female accession. This law would later be responsible for the 100 years war when Edward III was unable to claim the French throne through his mother's lineage. Salic law fell under Pactus Legis Salicae . And the treaty governing the transfer of loyalty from one Merovingian king to another was named the Treaty of ANDELOT.*17 Andelot in Camelot ! Camelot was nothing more than the glorified Merovingian heresy!

That the divine bloodline was the essence of the Brotherhood of Camelot, is made explicit in the actual certificate of entry into Arthur’s ancient Knights of the Round Table which reads: "Golden Certificate of Entry as a Knight of the Sangreal of the Order of the Fellowship of the Court of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table".*18 Sang Real ---royal blood !

The pseudo-historical King Arthur tradition established by Geoffrey of Manmouth makes no mention of Lancelot , Triston, or the Grail ; these were added in the Middle Ages by the French with Cisterician symbolism , and incorporated into the existing legends.*19 Thus, they are chronologically misplaced. Thence, Lancelot becomes Dagobert "lanced" through the eye, Dagobert, whose bloodline was no longer pure Merovingian because of "Iseult " choices made by him, his father, and his father before him. And rest assured the bloodline never was "divine”.

The male Merovingian line was spent --and female accession was forbidden under Salic law. Thus through their own laws, primarily the Treaty of Andelot , the Merovingians had effectively ended their lot in Camelot with Lancelot. Hardly the stuff of romance!
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Conclusion: the Merovingian and Carolingian bloodline are one ! Then there is this information which ties the Merovingians to the Meroites of Ancient Ethiopia:
Citing Fredegar, Wood gives us information re: Merovech, father of Chideric, from whom the name Merovingian derived, something of immense importance:

“According to Fredegar Merovech was conceived when Chlodio’s wife went swimming and encountered a Quinotaur. Although it is not explicitly stated the sea monster was the father of eponymous founder of the Merovingian dynasty, that is clearly the impression which Fredegar intended to give. The royal dynasty, thus, was thought to have had a supernatural origin”. (the Merovingian Kingdoms, p 37 emphasis mine) Aside from the fact that Merovech was called Merovee, a spoof on Harovee, wife of Zoroaster, founder of sun-god religion, Zoroastrianism, please read the following from one of my previous works regarding the meaning of Quinotar:

The Philistine giants, sons of Mesraim, son of Ham (1:Chron:1:11) lived in Palestine where Saloman built his temple (History I) Their god, lord of the flies was a good choice, since the bee is a member of the fly family As pertains to the choice of bee over fly, there are worker bees who tend to the queen bee, carpenter bees who are able to drill a geometrically perfect 12 inch hole, and split-tongue bees.*1 Bees were the symbol of God's wrath ( Psalms 118: 12) and God's wrath was exactly what they wished to provoke, for God brought his people out from Goshen to the land of milk and honey and drove out the enemy before them with hornets (bees)(Deut: 7:20; Joshua 24:12 ) A beehive is a symbol of the 3rd degree of York Freemasonry.*2

The 18th dynasty of Egypt extended the borders of Egypt South, and a viceroy was established in Ethiopia .*2 Ethiopia was founded by Cush, son of Ham , cursed by Noah . Here we have the connection to the Armenian text "The Bees", for it was in the Armenian mountains that Noah's ark settled near the Assyrian border ; from there Ham went forth to Cush. In Scripture, Assyrians are called the bee whose heads and beards God will shave, while the Egyptians are called the fly.Isaiah 7:18-20
Ethiopia was called the land of Cush by the Israelites and "Meroe " by the Greeks.*4 This is the place of origin of Merovingians, for it was also called land of the Blue Nile (Blue Masons) and land of the Hamites (1st public Masons-Britain wherein Ham comprises the names of numerous towns,cities, counties,plus Buckingham Palace etc). Below the 5th cataract of the Nile, the ruins of the ancient city of Meroe are still to be found. Over each tomb are pyramids, so many, that it ranks as the land with more pyramids than any other. Of them is written , "Until recently no one realized that the Meroitic pyramids were slightly truncated, flattened off at the top ( exactly like the pyramid on the Great US Seal )....So many commoners were buried with so many possessions that scholars concluded that ' a cult of the dead dominated the religious life of all Meroe.....'*5 There are numerous such pyramids, 50 to 100 ft. high, and over 60 royal pyramids, which support the local tradition that "kings always came from Meroe ". *6

A chronology of kings was obtained from pyramid texts. In one inscription , 'a king announced his right to the throne by citing descent from the queen mother ! And their funery inscriptions 'mention the mother first ...'Ibid Of this the author comments ..' No one would doubt the power and authority of Queen Amanitore .……..a resolute warrior wielding a sword , a conqueror with prisoners at her feet, a monarch wearing a crown with the royal emblem of the Cobra .' " *7
The Queen Mother was named AMANITORE

Queen Amanitore! The Merovingians claimed to be offspring of A Minotaur!

The last of the Meroite aristocracy seems to have fled mysteriously sometime before 350AD taking with them their belief in divine kingship .*8 (Merovingian dynasty of kings began France in 450 AD ). All that remains are the ruins of its former glory, barren country amidst a scattering of acacia trees ( an acacia sprig is part of the ritual of being raised a Mason ). Unearthed are ancient cattle bones, many golden ornaments which include a hinged shield which fits over the fingers and knuckles, antelopes, winged goddesses , scarab beetles, the sacred serpent, symbol of royalty , as well as abundant iron smelting furnaces , which led an English philologist to decide that Meroe must have been the Birmingham of Africa *9 The people of Meroe of this period looked similar to Egyptians, and were skilled at facial scarring. *10 Hence, red crosses on their backs would not have posed a problem when the Merovingians decided to change the Quinataur story to the divine lineage of Jesus story !!

Most significant is that the nearby city of Napata was the center of Amun (sun ) worship and out of Napata came the Cushite king Piye who conquered Egypt and set up the XXV dynasty of Egyptian kings in 741 BC. Thence, the Cushite capital was moved from Napata to Meroe . Therefore, for 70 years Egyptian kings did live in Meroe which accounts for their belief that kings were divine ---a traditional Egyptian fallacy. Ironically, it was the Assyrians who conquered Egypt driving them back to Meroe*11 Thus, for 70 years the Meroite kings wore the double crown of Egypt, a crown which was half white and half red !!
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In Ethiopia, is also found Axum which now maintains a Judaic-Christian culture, claims to have the Ark of the Covenant, and claims a tradition that their kings are descendant from Menelek, son of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba . At age 20 , so the story goes , Menelek went to meet Solomon, who was reluctant to see him return but, unable to dissuade him, he commanded all his high officials to send their first-borns to Ethiopia as he must do. The high priest was warned in a dream that the Temple would be destroyed by Nebuchadnessar, so the priest should take the Ark. Accordingly, Menelek, along with sons of princes, high priests and 12, 000 people set out with the Ark for Ethiopia . The Ark is still said to be in the Church of St. Mary of Zion in Axum, and is zealously guarded therein .*1

Thus, we have a Zion versus Sion rationale, as well as a Solomon versus Salomon precedent stemming back to ancient Ethiopia where seemingly the rise of the great kingdom in Axum threatened the monopoly Meroe enjoyed, so the two clashed. The connecting thread is that Joseph the brother of Benjamin, was married to an Egyptian, and Sion ( Mount Hermon ) was in the territory of Manasseh, son of Joseph. But there's an even larger picture, for out of Cush, land of the Hamites, land of Meroe, came the world's first Emperor of the world's first Empire, a Semitic empire. And that empire extended from Ethiopia to Assyria; some historians say to India. Thus, from Assyria to Ethiopia thereafter, the dream was to re-establish that Hamito-Cushite Semitic empire which was, in fact, anti-Semitic !

Meanwhile, Ethiopia changed its name to Abyssinia which name means" wormwood ". Of wormwood, Scripture states, "When the third angel blew his trumpet a huge star burning like a torch crashed down from the sky ....The star's name was Wormwood . Rev 8:10-11 The word wormwood derives from a plant ,"a climbing bitter -sweet " perennial roadside herb of the genus Artemisia absinthium used to produce absinthe, a green colored liquor, prohibited in many countries because it causes mental and physical debility . *2 The five point star conspiracy was born out of the bitterness of the many . Thus, the Great Seal incorporates the words , "out of many one", rationalized as one country out of 13 colonies.

Bearing in mind, that the Merovingians became Plantards and Plantagenets, we begin our search for the bitter-sweet foundation stone. There was a mystic Sarmoung Society named The Bees in Babylon , the most famous city of which was Nineveh, founded by Nimrod in the land of Shinar. Gen :10:10 -11 i.e.. the land of the Tigris and Euphrates , cradle of civilization , present day Iraq. Nineveh was the city God was going to destroy and then changed His mind . God sent Jonah to warn the people of their impending destruction in 40 days, and after reluctantly doing so, Jonah went east of the city to watch the destruction. God provided a plant which grew up over his head to give him shade. When the destruction did not occur, Jonah was angry at God and when he became too angry, the plant which shaded him died. God said to him, "You are concerned over the plant which cost you no labor and which you did not raise ; it came up in one night and in one night it perished. And should I not be concerned over Nineveh, the great city, in which there are more than one hundred twenty thousand people who cannot distinguish their right hand from their left, not to mention the many cattle”? (Jonah 4:5-11) The people didn't know any better ; they had been raised among false gods and had not yet come to the knowledge of the One True God, but when the people believed Jonah, repented, and pleaded with God to spare their city , God changed his mind and did so. The significance of this story, cannot be overstated, given it is the city in which Freemasonry first organized (Mackey).

We start with Akhenaten's daughters who did not know their left hand from their right as evidenced by art of the period which, in fact, shows 2 sisters in pose, one with the left hand where the right hand should be (to mock God’s words ). The bones of their hands are skeletal, elongated, and quite eerie looking, as are their shaved heads, deformed and egg shaped.*3 To the top of the picture was once the giant heel and sandal strap of Nefertiti, Akhenaten's queen. The loosening of a sandal strap was a Jewish custom symbolizing the sealing of a contract and we know the meaning of the heel. Thus, the picture symbolizes a contract with the heel of the sun-god versus God. And to spoof God's words just a little more perfectly, Akhenaten gave the ends of all the rays of his sun-god little hands, reaching down to royalty as sons of the sun -god. However, his attempt to spoof God's words and make royalty the heel is foiled by the numbers which reveal that he was not of the heel, but rather of the head of the serpent :

The Pharaoh Akhenaten
179 The number Eighteen =179 ( head = 18 )
sometimes spelled , Pharaoh Akhenaton = 156 six six six = 156
Nineveh = "nine " veh , and the number nine according to the mystics was a magical number. We know from the black mass that Satan turns everything backwards (6 upside down helps me put on my crown = 9) Any number backwards is a multiple of 9 ! For example : 72 minus 27 is 45 ( 9 x 5) ; 63 minus 36 = 27 ( 9 x 3 ); 81 minus 18 = 63 ( 9 x 7 ) Nineveh was the center of the occult , the soothsayers, the mystics ; and was accordingly named " Nine " way. The year of the Masterplan may well have been chosen in Nineveh for 1998 backwards is 8991:
9 x 999

This is why prayer novena’s are 9 days long, to offset the 9’s used by the occult. For we have the 9 muses of Greece, 9 sisters of Scandinavia, 9 morgans of the Fortunate Isles, 9-fold goddess of the Egyptian Ennead, 9 hathors of Egyptian prophesy , 9 underground rivers and souls of the dead (Aztec), ninefold goddess of the sea ( Arthur born of ), god of the shamrock triple bearer of the triple key (=9) , the 9 pointed star used for divination (Enneagram of Sufimysticism), 9 feathers in the eagles tail (on the Great Seal ), 9 Archons of Athens (1st democracy), to mention but a few. And Akhenaten's daughters, one of whom has a hand on backwards, are the 4th and 5th daughters = 9 Ibid.

*1 Mary The Ark of the Covenant Prof. Courtney Bartholomew MD ,The 101 Foundation 1995 , PP 71-75
*2 Funk and Wagnal's New Encyclopedia, 1975, Vol. 25 p 308 and ref.
*3 The Pharaohs , Tree Communications Inc. , Stonehenge Press, 1981 p 95

I believe firmly that the Meroites of Meroe who became a dynasty of Egypt’s kings, joined the Edomites, Amalekites, Benjamites etc. in their trek around the circle (Mediterranean) to become Merovingians of Gaul. “Bitter” was their commonality. The Infiltration Chronology Continued (note IV + V = 9)

Merovingian king, Philip IV(la Belle), who arrested the Templars on Oct. 13, 1307 and who placed his cousin, Clement V, on the Chair of Peter as his accomplice, then insisted that the pope remain in France, rather than Rome . This began what is named the Babylonian Captivity of the Church, a 68 year period in which the Church was forced to remain in Avignon France. The next successive 6 popes would be French and Merovingian, the second of whom, Clement VI , began formulating the doctrine of indulgences, which later became the spark of the Protestant Reformation as planned! The majority of Templars who escaped the arrest in 1307 went to Scotland which was the first to break from the Church through the Declaration of Arbroath, the document on which the 1776 US Declaration was based. One signatory of the letter to Pope John XXII April 4, 1320 (date NATO was later formed) was the grandfather of Henry Sinclair, Earl of Orkney and Shetland Islands for Norway who lived in Roslin Castle, Scotland. It was he who brought Templar treasure to Nova Scotia in 1398, 94 years pre-Columbus. The Sinclairs were bishops of Ross and hereditary Grand Masters of Freemasonry. And Arbroath stated Scottish origin was Scythia (Russia) (the Temple and Lodge, p.66) Sinclairs came to Scotland from Normandy where a hermit named St. Clair, from whom their name derived, was martyred, and exactly NINE St.Clairs had fought in the Battle of Hastings after which Henry’s grandfather accompanied the expedition to return the heart of the Bruce to Jerusalem (Prince Henry Sinclair, Pohl, pp 17,18,20). Now we understand that the Brotherhood were the power behind having the movie made, and why. Be forewarned, the Brotherhood are the power behind everything in our world. Since John XXII was the pope under whom the Church lost its first country, Scotland, the next Merovingian Brother to take the Chair of Peter, in celebration of this, took the name John XXIII in the year 1415. His papacy was secured by Louis, Duke of Anjou, a Norman Merovingian. When he was discovered and expelled by the Church, he left Rome on an oxcart (symbol of the early Brotherhood guild, Stonemasons), carrying a sac of money (symbolic of the sac of gold which was part of ancient Masonic burial tradition at death) and his seal (presumably the skull and bones as he was formerly a pirate). His epitaph was later written by Cosimo de Medici, a descendant of Marie de Medici, founder of the de Bourbon line of Merovingians and his epitaph reveals it all :

But first, it must be understood that with each John that ascended the Chair of Peter, there was a corresponding John who became the Navigator of Sion. For Sion named their leaders Navigators instead of Grand Masters, after Brendon the Navigator who discovered the New World in the 6th Century, and after Henry the Navigator under whom many Templars, who escaped arrest, survived in Portugal. The epitaph of this Masonic pope read, Here lies Baldassare Cossa who was once Pope John XXIII. (The Decline and Fall of the Roman Church, Malachi Martin). We need only switch the word “Pope” to “Navigator”, to see the troubadour message:

Here lies Baldassare Cossa who was once Navigator John Twenty Third = 666

Gematria became a game to the Brotherhood, a game that will now expose them. The de Medici who placed these words on the gravestone of Baldassare Cossa was of “the” de Medici’s. The marriage of Marie de Medici to Henry IV began the dynasty of French de Bourbons, Merovingian claimants, whose bloodine later emerged in Spain. The rulers of Spain were also Hapsburgs, the line which began (in Spain) with Isabella and Ferdinand of Inquisition fame ( a Merovingian venture). Hapsburgs and deBourbons both were major claimants of the divine Merovingian Bloodline, posing as Catholics.
To illustrate one such:

Recall that Childeric, father of the 1st Merovingian king Clovis, cut a silver coin in half and left the other half with his friend Wiomad, returning when the latter sent him the other half of the coin (meaning it was now safe to return). Now, observe the events of 1524 as documented by Malachi Martin (Decline and Fall of the Roman Church). Spain’s king was Charles V, descendent of the Duke of Burgundy (Charles the Bold), and of Ferdinand and Isabella (Hapsburgs), and “having bribed the electors” (Funk and Wagnal 1975), became in 1519 Holy Roman Emperor. But Charles also aspired the papacy itself. So he raised an army, plundered St.Peter’s, stole the papal tiara, killed 1700 men, raped women, and fed his horses on Holy Communion. When his imperial army arrived with 20, 000 Spaniards under Philibert of Orange, they literally fell on the city. They raped, burned, pillaged, slaughtered orphans, copulated in the streets and robbed St. Peter’s grave. Philibert’s horses were stabled in the Sistine Chapel and the horses of the officers were stabled in Vatican apartments. For good measure they burned the Papal Library. Clement was forced into exile for 7 months. Then they demanded of the Pope a payment to leave, a payment of 123,152 and one half ducats. This one half was said to really bother the Pope. Why one half ??

One Hundred Twenty Three Thousand, One Hundred Fifty Two = 605
Add “One Half” = 61

It was the Merovingian thing to do! And a great Masonic chuckle was had by all.
The Vatican had been left with festering horse dung, overflowing latrines, 2000 corpses floating in the river and the army was still copulating in the streets. The extremely traumatized Pope must now put all this behind him and go amidst pomp and pageantry to crown Charles as Holy Roman Emperor. He died shortly after. This pope was a de Medici who had bought his election to the papacy (Ibid. M. Martin) He was of the bloodline also. And this is exactly how Satan works. He creates all his evil entities and then turns them on one another. This was exactly the case with Templars. As for Charles V, at the end of his reign he retired to a MONASTERY. Is the larger picture starting to come into focus ? These were Reformation years in mainland Europe. England would soon join and Merovingian power would reach its absolute height in England, where it remains today. Following the break with the Church during the reign of Henry VIII, the “divine bloodlines” latched on to Protestantism as their “reason to be ”, now believing it to be the best way to crush God’s Church. As for the Jews, God’s other Covenant, the secular and the political power of the throne of England would take care of that. Let me demonstrate both:

The year 1818 had arrived. HEAD 18 HEAD 18 . Double head !! Recall that Merovingians are on the side of the head =18 of Gen: 3:15, so they double head all they do. Thus, in double headed year 1818, Edward the Duke of Kent married the widow of the Prince of Leiningen twice !! And the second wedding was a double wedding with William, Duke of Clarence and his bride Princess Adelaide of Saxe- Meiningen, with the weddings taking place on July 13, 1818. Observe:

July Thirteenth , Eighteen Eighteen = 341
Edward Duke of Kent + Princess Victoria, widow of the Prince of Leiningen = 670
William Duke of Clarence + Princess Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen = 506
Total equals the year of the Protestant Reformation 1517 1517 !
Perfect Strike at the Heel, Christ’s Church !
Karl Marx, founder of Communism, was born in the same year 1818. His regime of Communism annihilated 93,000,000 Christians (Guiness) then Catholic Russia.

Next were God’s first Covenant, the Jews. In 1917, the British took possession of Palestine including what is now Israel. In 1917, Britain’s Arthur Balfour initiated the Balfour Declaration in co-operation with Rothschild (Illuminist and the name means RED SHIELD), endorsing a future national home for the Jews . In 1917, Rothschild who had forged British relations with Russia died (Leopold). In 1917, George V created the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, which later dedicated a chapel in the crypt of St. Paul’s church, which once held the largest Masonic library in the world and was the gathering place of the Brotherhood. This reinforced the Order of the Garter, other Illuminist order which has horse stalls in Windsor castle chapel because Knights Templar kept their horses under the Temple Mount of Jerusalem, and because it had become the traditional for Merovingians to trample St. Peter’s Vatican and Marian Shrines with horses. Horses were so sacred to Merovingians that the early kings had horses buried around them ( just like the ancient Scythians) as well as a bull’s head (sun symbol) and golden bees ! Accordingly, the 1917 Balfour Declaration was mandated in the UN (an Illuminati front organization) on November 29 (day 333 of the year) in honor of:

The Great Universal Brotherhood =333 in the year 1947, also the year of the wedding of Elizabeth II to Mountbatten, Prince of Norway, Prince of Greece and descendant of the Hesses in Merovingian Germany, to boot. The resolution passed with a vote of 33-13. This vote would bring all the Jews to one country where they could be later annihilated. This had been the Merovingian and Egyptian mandate for centuries and is reflected in all aspects of the 1998 Masterplan on the calendars:

1948 Statehood
1991-1998 False Peace of Isaiah and Ezekiel
1998 Masterplan precursor of 5 plans 1998-2002

Note: Hitler was a Brother of Secret Society Thule, behind Nazism, stemming from Prussian Freemasonry and anti-semitic associations (The New World Order, Epperson).

And he appointed himself Germany’s War Minister in 1938-exactly 10 years ahead of the 1948 “Final Solution” planned for the Jews by the International Brotherhood. In celebration of the UN Partition that would facilitate that plan and passed in 1947, Elizabeth and Philip named their first son who would be king :

His Royal Highness, the Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, Earl of Chester, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick, Baron Renfrew, Lord of the Isles, Prince and Great Steward of Scotland = 1947
The Royals had all their children delivery date arranged for the other Covenant :
Charles November Fourteenth, Nineteen Forty Eight = 445
Anne August Fifteenth, Nineteen Fifty = 334
Andrew February Nineteenth, Nineteen Sixty = 393
Edward March Tenth, Nineteen Sixty Four = 353
Total = the year England and France signed Peace 1525
England signed for this reason behead 25 x 61Church 61

The best way to crush the French Catholic Church was “from within”, the formula.