Sunday, November 21, 2010

Long Run

This afternoon at 2:32PM, I started my long run from my place. After about 1/2 mile there is a nice hill of about 3/4 miles with some sharp turns, it gets steeper as you run up. It is followed by a steep downhill that takes me by the local track. From there I jump in the bike path and after another 1/2 mile I make a right turn in the direction to the Oakwood Valley  trail loop. I did the loop and run up Coyote trail, a  long steep hill. I finished the usual long loop by the Oakwood Valley gate.(see previous post) From there I headed back following  the same route in the reverse. But instead of going uphill by the track, I stayed in the flat main road. I should avoid running on hard surfaces  because my plantar fasciitis injury is showing up again. It never really went away but it can get very painfull. I had some unexpected stomach problems that slowed me down during this run. My feet were very sore at start and by the end. The weather was a little cold. The total run time was 1hour and 50minutes.
This was a good week. I accomplished my goal to run at least six hours. I even had a day off yesterday. Next week I will have another easy week, keeping the mileage in the same range. In December I will add some tempo runs.

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