Monday, November 29, 2010


Just another day in this not so predicable world. I left home by 4:45PM. I ran the first thirteen minutes on the paved road. There is this nice hill after the half mile. Some nice twists where you can't see what is coming around the corner. This road takes me right behind the local high school with a steep downhill and some blind corners. So after some almost hit with the cars going up and down the hill, I see myself on the bike path making left, running  to its end and turning around. This is where I start feeling some nasty pain in the inside of my right leg. It is very near to the foot. It seems to be shin splint. Yesterday, by the end of my run, I felt similar pain in the same location. So I got off the bike path and ran back home following the main paved road. The pain did not go away. It might be due to the cold weather and running on the paved road. Not a nice combination. But I will be back. Total run time: 35 minutes.

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