Monday, November 22, 2010


Another short easy run. At 3:52 PM I started my run from my local track. I ran the bike path route out and back. I started by the half way, ran right to its end and back passsing the middle way to the other end. Turned around and finished by the half way. I always try to avoid running on the paved area. I ran on soft area along the paved area. Sometimes you have to avoid people and little criters like birds. Usually I jump over the benches and scream "Swing the big eyed rabbit!". But not this afternoon. Sometimes I let out some "Gevalt" for the usual  bagel crowd. It was sweet to see this little bagel kids screaming like they were cheering me. It is quite an experience to live in a greedy rat infested area. Most of them come from Jew York and Jew Jersey. Some are from overseas. Some come from places like England, Ireland, Poland, Germany, Russia, Australia, Canada. It was a good bagel day after all.

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