Monday, November 29, 2010


Just another day in this not so predicable world. I left home by 4:45PM. I ran the first thirteen minutes on the paved road. There is this nice hill after the half mile. Some nice twists where you can't see what is coming around the corner. This road takes me right behind the local high school with a steep downhill and some blind corners. So after some almost hit with the cars going up and down the hill, I see myself on the bike path making left, running  to its end and turning around. This is where I start feeling some nasty pain in the inside of my right leg. It is very near to the foot. It seems to be shin splint. Yesterday, by the end of my run, I felt similar pain in the same location. So I got off the bike path and ran back home following the main paved road. The pain did not go away. It might be due to the cold weather and running on the paved road. Not a nice combination. But I will be back. Total run time: 35 minutes.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Home Again

Sometimes you have great runs and others, you just survive. I left home around 9:30AM. The first 1.25 miles is on the paved road. Then comes the bike path. I ran left to its end and decided to run a different route. So I made right and ran on the walking path behind the townhouses in the other side of the bike path. There is marsh in between the bike path and the town houses. I ran out and back on the walking path and back to the bike path. Then I ran out to the other end of the bike path, turned around and ran all the way to the other end again and to the townhouses and back. Then I got off the bike path half way and ran back home the same route. I was suffering badly. My legs were aching. My right foot was shooting some nasty pain. I was on survival mode to get home. Total run time: 1hour 31minutes.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


This afternoon around 4:30PM I ran another short easy run in the bike path. The same route as yesterday. My legs are feeling good. I am a little cautious with my left knee. The plantar fasciitis did not cause me any problems. After the rain the ground was muddy but very soft. Tomorrow I will try to go a little further.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Not So Fast

Things are going well. Maybe, not. This afternoon around 4PM I ran the usual out and back bike path route. My legs felt great. Nice form. It was a short easy run. My left ITB is a little tight. When the ITB gets tight it causes pain on the outside of the knee. So I have been icing my knee  for the last 48 hours. I had similar injury a couple times this year. It required 5 to 7 days off. Total run time: 32 minutes.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I had a good run. I started by the Oakwood Valley. I ran right on the flat part of the loop until half way, then I ran right up to the Alta trail(13:03). I stayed on Alta trail until it meets Bobcat Trail(17:28) then I ran right up to Marincello(23:18),  up to Miwook trail(25:38) and down to Springs(30:06). I ran down Springs to the Ten parking a lot(38:57). From there I ran down to the start(44:25) and ran once the Oakwood Valley loop(53:26). I increased the pace for the last 15 minutes. My time for the Oakwood Valley loop was 9:21. It is far slow from my fast tempo runs of 8:39. But it shows that I am having some progress. The weather was in the 50's. I ran around 3PM.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Yesterday at 2:32PM I started my run from my local track. I ran the bike path route out and back and added some extra time running around the golf course area. Total run time: 56 minutes. Good easy pace. I chose a flat route because I have been running very hilly terrains in the last couple weeks. It is not good for my plantar fasciitis injury.

Today I decided to take a day off. I had to work until late. The weather changed drastically and  the warm days that we had a few days ago are gone. I need to watch for injuries. My recovery has been a little slow. It has more to do with aging I guess. I am in my early 40's and I already can feel the diffence.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Another short easy run. At 3:52 PM I started my run from my local track. I ran the bike path route out and back. I started by the half way, ran right to its end and back passsing the middle way to the other end. Turned around and finished by the half way. I always try to avoid running on the paved area. I ran on soft area along the paved area. Sometimes you have to avoid people and little criters like birds. Usually I jump over the benches and scream "Swing the big eyed rabbit!". But not this afternoon. Sometimes I let out some "Gevalt" for the usual  bagel crowd. It was sweet to see this little bagel kids screaming like they were cheering me. It is quite an experience to live in a greedy rat infested area. Most of them come from Jew York and Jew Jersey. Some are from overseas. Some come from places like England, Ireland, Poland, Germany, Russia, Australia, Canada. It was a good bagel day after all.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Long Run

This afternoon at 2:32PM, I started my long run from my place. After about 1/2 mile there is a nice hill of about 3/4 miles with some sharp turns, it gets steeper as you run up. It is followed by a steep downhill that takes me by the local track. From there I jump in the bike path and after another 1/2 mile I make a right turn in the direction to the Oakwood Valley  trail loop. I did the loop and run up Coyote trail, a  long steep hill. I finished the usual long loop by the Oakwood Valley gate.(see previous post) From there I headed back following  the same route in the reverse. But instead of going uphill by the track, I stayed in the flat main road. I should avoid running on hard surfaces  because my plantar fasciitis injury is showing up again. It never really went away but it can get very painfull. I had some unexpected stomach problems that slowed me down during this run. My feet were very sore at start and by the end. The weather was a little cold. The total run time was 1hour and 50minutes.
This was a good week. I accomplished my goal to run at least six hours. I even had a day off yesterday. Next week I will have another easy week, keeping the mileage in the same range. In December I will add some tempo runs.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


The rain is back. We had nice showers in the last two days. This afternoon I was planning to do a short run but I decided to back off. It is windy and cold. I don't want to take any chances to pull a muscle. I will wait for blue skies. Just another day with running or not.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Rain Again

Yesterday was a good day. Lots hills. I started by the Oakwood Valley trail and ran up Coyote trail. Great views. I shared the trails with rabbits and quails. I ran down Coastal trail to the Ten Parking a lot and back to the start. It is difficult to create a clear picture of this route. The weather was a little cold but I was able to finish it before the rain started. Total run time: 57 minutes.

This afternoon around 3:56PM I started my run from my local track. I jumped in the bike path and ran towards the Oakwood Valley trail. I ran twice the 1.3 miles loop and headed back to the start. The rain did not bother me. The trails were very wet.  This was a very easy short run. Total run time: 45 minutes.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This afternoon around 4:30PM, I ran three times my usual loop in this oak little forest near to the coast. It is about 1.3 miles long with a couple short hills. It gets muddy and very humid at this time of the year. I needed an easy short run to recover. I am being cautious to not increase my mileage too soon. I did that during the last winter and the piroformis syndrome came back. Total run time: under 32 minutes.
I have a very modest goal for this week: be able to run at least a total of six hours in six or seven days. Last week I had one day off but I was able to run over five hours. The week before I ran seven days but I ran less than five hours.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This morning I decided to run along the marsh. It was around 9AM when I started my run. The usual out and back route. I started by the Bahia gate and ran the first rolling 3/4 miles. Then I decided to run the old route that was basically abandoned after a new trail was built parallel to the old one but with some rolling hills. This old trail goes along the water and offers a great view of  so many birds species. It was a sunny day and the pelicans, egrets, swans and mallards were all there near to the edge of the trail. I hit the marsh and ran around it instead of turn around and run back to the start. It is only about 11/4 mile of very flat terrain. I followed the same route back to the start. My legs were a little tired. The total run time was about 42 minutes.

At 4:03PM I started my second run.  I ran the usual 1.3 miles loop and after that I headed up to the hills. There is a long steep climb of about 2.5 miles. It goes up and up. No much rest for your legs. But when you hit the top you have some incredible views of the ocean and the bay. The fire road levels a little and then the downhill starts. It is about 1.5 miles of downhill running until you hit the fire road bellow that is partly paved. I ran for about 3/4 miles until I pass the parking a lot and head down for 3/4 miles to the starting point. Total run time: 68 minutes.

Monday, November 15, 2010


I am back after a few injuries that I am still dealing with. This afternoon at 3:39 PM I  did my daily run. This is my usual bike path route out and back. It is about 4.7 miles. I added another 15 minutes in the muddy trails. It was a total of 45 minutes. I started with an easy ten minutes then I did a little fartlek, running hard from bridge to bridge and  taking easy where the bike path was open to traffic. It was a total of five hard pickups of about two minutes or more. I did not time this run.